Scott Pilgrim fanart, cc?

I don’t know how busy this board is anymore, but I figure I might as well drop this and see what people think.

was drawn for this.

I pretty much just went with the concept of “every final boss I can think of, thrown into the blender.” Effective enough?

that’s really crazy looking

It’s good, but it’s a little… busy. theres alot of vibrant colors and effects, some of if should be more transparent(like the opponents Level-Map aura) it needs to fit well with the rest of the picture. Good piece, though, I get what it’s about since I got the game( I play it with arcade stick lol)

Hm, true. The glitched nes game dump that serves as the boss’s “aura” in this case was kind of hard to implement. I really felt like removing it altogether, but I wanted to include it as a link to the character’s origins in subspace, since in-game, subspace is represented by those very same game glitches.

I don’t think anyone has caught that the silhouette couple is a reference to R-Type Final’s Bydo Core final stage, but that’s cool too.