Scorpion fanart

I’ve been sitting on this a while, finally finished it. To go along with my Baraka redesign, here’s Scorpion.

I plan on posting abit more often with SF art(though i think i said that last time :P) Any and all comments are welcome.

That is awesome! love the colors!

seems your link is broken, the pic was there earlier.


This is killer! Too bad Midway isn’t the one having the character design contest, lol. The colors and design is awesome, I really like the darker yellow/green color that you gave him instead of that bright shit. Oh, and going retro on his suit puts the icing on the cake. Damn this is tight:lol:

This is tight man. Only crit i have for this one is the positioning of the back foot. I think it would look better angled and not so straight edged. Overall good color technique and cool redish outline.

OMG! That is the illest redesign ever… everything is just so right about it.


I love what you’ve done with the concept, taking the undead ninja away from the garish, generic outfit and replacing it with more accurate Japanese-style ninja garb… yet you’ve kept enough of the key details of his old costume and modified them to fit into your new one. Major props for successfully evolving the design into this.

I like that you’ve thought through how his unmasking works (just pull down the front), just like in ninja movies when they spit poison/caltrops at their opponent - instead you know he’s gonna spew hellfire.

The decomposing cloth effect is something that simply fits the character. Makes you wonder why Boon & Co haven’t thought about that before. You’ve taken the concept to a new level, man.


I am totally in awe of the colour job (it’s something I can’t do), it’s rich and dark and yet so cold. It just clicks so well with the undead motif of the character.

In the full body shot, I like how the colour is richer on the upper torso and less so in the lower torso. Is that intentional? Because I really like how it draws your attention upwards.

<-- I’m marking out. Scorpion has always been a badass, but this is beyond cool. Only thing I miss is the traditional spear, but the new weapon isn’t too bad either :slight_smile:

oh, and Jash, good to see you back again :slight_smile:

Wow, what a great pic to return back with. :smiley:

I agree with much of what rook says - this is a truly badass design of Scorp, and its lines, colors and pose are excellent. I can say that this is the best piece I’ve seen from you yet. Simply amazing. Keep at it, my friend - I look forward to your SF art when you get around to it. :smiley:

Thx for the commments guys

Thx for the comp :slight_smile:

Thx alot Deon, i want to get in the the SF/DS/RS character design action too, just wish i had visited the site sooner…

Yeah i stuggled with the foot a bit. I tried it a couple of different ways and kinda settled on this, no biggie. Hope to see that colored Ruby Heart of Rook’s soon :wink: Thx for the comment.

Yowza, I’m glad you like the redesign, you pretty much described all the reasons I did what I did with him. I’m pretty tired of the bright, costume-like appearance that MK uses. I really wanted to get a more practical, yet interesting feel with these redesigns. It’s good to hear that other people appreciate my view as well. As for the spear, I wanted to give Scorp a weapon that fit his wraith-like appearance, and mostly retain his classic style. I picked the Kusari-gama cause i figure he can use the weight in the same manner as the spear, to snag his enemies, then slash at them with his reaping kama.
The differnce in color I did intentionally yes, but with the idea that the tattered clothes lower on his body were a bit more worn and thus slightly less vibrant. Thx alot for all the comments, i’m really glad you like the redesign as i intended.

-Wildcat (i can’t find that damn vertical line you use)
Good to see ya again, thx for the comps. I was pretty hapy with how this pic turned out and i’m glad to see you guys are too :). Like i said, i hope to get in on that character design contest so i’ll post those if i get to em. I’m also working on a verus pic of some SFIII characters. I don’t do enough action shots, and i’ve been dying to work on some stuff every since I saw SFMC’s pics in the SF comic. Hopefully i’l’ be posting more soon.

Ths again for all the commments everyone. :slight_smile:

there’s no such thing as “perfect” but this drawing comes close.:eek:

Jashugan that is some amazing work. I love the line work and coloring style. Very nice! Keep up the good work.

Holy hell, that’s beautiful. Awsome design. Though the weapon isn’t exactly “Scorpion”. I’m morerelating this with Reptile.

What did you use to color it?