Scholarship Opportunities For Serious Players and Casters!

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My name is Dylan Cruchelow and I am the new manager of the FGC Esports Team for St. Ambrose University’s Varsity Esports Program. We are located in Davenport, IA. This is the first time a university has offered scholarships to the FGC. This is a great opportunity for up and coming players seeking sponsorship and to continue their education. I am also on the team as a Tekken 7 player, so if you have any questions I can answer I will let you know honestly what its like to be a player here. Please have a tournament record before you contact us. At the same time, don’t think you need to be a consistent top 8 finisher. This program is meant for people looking to make a career out of the FGC. If you don’t have the best record and want to be a caster there are also scholarships for that. Showing a little passion can go a long way. Message me with any questions and I can help you out.

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Program Information

  • First University to offer FGC scholarships

  • Recruiting players to outfit to train them for a concentration in an esports career post-graduation

  • Will be brought to majors and locals as part of the program

  • Must be on campus to practice in our esports lab

Featured Games

Games include but are not limited to those listed below:







  • TEKKEN 7


Notable Achievements

  • Rift of the North Champions for both Overwatch and League of Legends

  • 3rd at Games HUE Fest for Overwatch

  • Undefeated in all events at Paradigm Esports Center

If you or anyone you know is pursuing a college degree with a passion for video games, reach out to me! I can be contacted through direct message or an email to [[email protected]] ! I am looking to recruit immediately for the spring of 2020!

Do I need to have any references for the scholarship?

What do I need to have for this? The good grades or some of the achievements? It’s just that I’ve long dreamed of applying for a scholarship related to games or programming. I love computer science and most of all I like to create programs, I even created programs, and they worked. It’s just that my brother was able to get a scholarship with help by To date, he has a good scholarship and I would also have the same. I am very hardworking and purposeful. I hope I can do it.