Scary pic thread 2

look real close at the TV set.

World trade center when it was attacked. Look at the smoke you can see faces.

I know some people have seen this but if you havent you should.

sorry but i dont see anything scary. but i really wanna know what you see.

If you look hard enough at the TV you can see a strange face.

it looks like two big eyes and a nose and a mouth like THIS BIG if im wrong…or right???it looks like an alien

This is scary

Oh shit… I love these kinda of thread…!!!


if you guys haven’t read this story or seen the pics of it you should

read the description then look at the pics

heres more

pic of bigfoot or sunkape.

zombie ghost.

ghost in the window.

This photo is one of several taken July 11, 1995 by an off-duty forest patrol officer in the Wild Creek area near Mt. Rainier. It is one of 7 other photos purchased from the officer by Bigfoot investigator Cliff Crook. The ranger was following up a lead on bear poachers in the area when he heard loud splashing sounds below him. He peeked over the ridge to investigate with camera in hand. Some of the photos are shaded and others are of excellent clarity._
“No matter how convincing supposed Bigfoot photos or films may be, until the ultimate living proof is in, alleged Bigfoot photos and films must remain alleged._ Only the true test of time will tell.” - Cliff Crook___

Stephanie writes “This was taken many years ago in my auntie’s lounge but still many years later, it still terrorizes me to think about… My auntie has this picture on her wall for some reason and I still remember the day that photo was taken, I took it! I am now 41 and I still remember. I don’t know why but it reminds me of the first time I watched the Exorcist. Thank you for taking time to look at my photo.”

story of the psychotic bumble bee

1997 July 8. 9 year Dustin had a dream a bee talked to him to stay away for a stump in his yard or else. Dustin woke up the next morning and hit the stump if a stick a large black bumble bee fellow out, Dustin ran in his house but the bee followed him all the way to his room and stung him 6 times, while Dustin was screaming his mom ran in and chased the bee away. The very next day Dustin’s mother and Father wanted to kill the Bee, but after opening the stomp the Bee was not there, what was there however was a small dead mouse in the stomp. Dustins mom Jan only told the story to only a few people.

I dont know if the story is true or not but I dont think Ill ever smack a tree stomp with anything.

All that shows in the tv is pic of a ninja’s face…nothing else.