Scandinavian community


Anybody out there from Denmark, Sweden and Norway?

I know of

We have 1 danish community coming up, opening with a SFIV tournament on april 11th.

Could be nice to gather some vikings and do some events!

I’m from Sweden :tup:

This is pretty much the swedish community I guess (not very active myself), try contacting them for events:


Hey, is the main site for Swedish players. If anyone missed this there is an free-play arcade in Stockholm. Beside console you can play some ST, 3S, TTT, MVC2 on Japanese cabinets! There should be a thread on BH for matchmaking but Fridays are a sure bet if you want competition.

This place is in the basement located at dragons lair:

Also there is an active IRC channel for the BH community which anybody who’s interested should visit.

you make a scandinavia thread but fail to mention finland? =( for shame trolle_dk… xD

speaking of finland, would anyone happen to know of some arcades in the helsinki/kemi/joensuu area? doesn’t really matter if they have sf4, just any arcades in those areas will work… kiitos =)

Not sure, but there might, JUST might be arcade in Linnanmki…not sure.

Can anyone confirm this? Even though amusement park arcades usually blow, this kind of shit is always worth checking out. (My latest find only had Virtua Cop 2 and Daytona USA cabinets. :rofl:)