SBO5 day logs

Howdy folks! Its that time of year again and Ive decided to give the SBO reporting another shot. I was happy that so many of you appreciated the logs i did last year so this is for all of SRK! Now I know there is a SBO thread already but I just need a few questions answered and this thread can be closed.

First off from last year’s experience doing this, reporting is hard as balls and hella tiring. Id come home and write up my shit and go to a deep coma very quickly. So i was wondering if i can skip the SC3 and VF5 prelims? because im guessing these two have the least following here on SRK and that would make my day a lot easier. But if enough people would want info on those maybe ill do them. Ill definitely be there for the TK5DR prelims and all the final 4s.

Secondly regarding day 2, I dont know much about KOF 98 and the differences of the characters from different series in HSF2AE. If anybody could give me a short rundown of these two games (bread and butter combos, char tiers, move names, etc.) it would help me greatly. Most likely day 2 i will be helping Team USA with Japanese and stuff so i dont know if ill be able to get everything.

Lastly depending on the amount of stuff i have to write, my post might become too long to post as 1 post. So when i make a thread (ill be making 1 thread for each day at the end of the day) please wait for me to post a second post before posting in the thread. That way i can edit 2 posts worth.

I wish all of you could be there to witness arcade fighting games at its finest. SBO should be once again a great event. I will be looking forward to reporting to yall soon!

PS The only game i know in-depth is 3S so i apologize in advance for mistakes and such in my logs.:sweat:

Hi, this is Unsafe Dan from VFDC.

Our website is down due to server problems, so I’m sure a lot of VF players would like it if you would keep posting the VF log for SBO. We have like no other source currently unless you hang around IRC #vfhome all day which some of us can’t.


Agreed. If you can post the VF log, that would be greatly appreciated. If not, that’s not a problem either.

Thanks for reporting though!

Thanks for doing this, and have fun at SBO :slight_smile:

take lots of pictures!!

I’d looooooooooooooooooooooooooove for you to report anything Melty Blood related, but I enjoy reading your logs no matter what game it is, so I look foward to it either way.


Ok so I guess i will be there for the VF prelims… I guess I can go without SC prelims.

and dont worry I’ll try and get as much info for all the games as possible… but i will be less enthused if i dont see these people at least make the top 4…

3S: KOs team, RXs team, Arukas team
MB: Lucky Stars team
GGXX: N-Otokos team, Ogawas team, Kaqns team.

as far as gg goes, i’d keep an eye on KA2’s team too. i think ruu had posted that he would not be able to attend b/c of work. if you could confirm this while you are there, i’d appreciate it. b/c if he does show up i think Ruu (BR) / Woshige (MI) / Shnen (TE) is also a monster of a team.