SBO 3s regulation?

I was reading up on the 3s regulation [rules] on the SBO Tougeki website, i used google to translate and the last rule is this:

??vs.??? Ken vs. To finish or neutral throw is prohibited. ??? Non-specific integration technique to tuck guard is unlimited, especially

I’ve played a lot of 3s but i can’t even begin to guess what this means.

Anyone have any ideas?

Did you ever try to install that language on your computer

If Ken kills Makoto with a neutral throw it activates a glitch that has varied results, but always ends in the game freezing in some way and the machine having to be reset.

Not always but very often. Sometimes she perpetually falls for about a minute and the game continues. There are a few other game freezing glitches but I don’t know how to trigger them.

Here’s what’s going on:

They’re using the 990512 (in YYMMDD format) version of the game. This is the initial release that has several bugs, such as unblockables (Urien’s is most known). It also has Yang’s erroneous “Magnetic Storm” Super Art when on Player 2 side.

There’s also [media=youtube]qe5NpmHtw5k[/media] that shows up when Ken finishes Makoto with his neutral throw (the knee bash). It causes some kind of strange error (I hear it’s a misaligned address) and crashes the game. MAME, CPX3 and CPS3Emu do not reproduce this glitch faithfully.

The 990608 revision fixes all these bugs. However, since the [redacted] players refuse to play any version without these unblockables, this rule’s necessary.

Thanks for the response Tiberious !

And yeah i tried once (to install eastern language pack) but i think i cancelled it or something.

Fyi it only happens in the Japanese version of the game.

Incorrect. It happens in all regions.

CPS2 and CPS3 games come ‘pre-translated’ so that it can be launched worldwide. This is why MAME and other emulators can change the region on these games so easily. All it does is change what region the main board returns when it’s queried. It doesn’t do name changes in some instances, but you will get English text in the game if you run a Japanese ROMset (or B board) on a US A board or emulator set to US.

If the game doesn’t manage to freeze, Makoto will act as if she was KOed with a jab or short. So you can do a post KO hit after the throw.
Not worth doing, but just a little fun fact about the glitch. :smile:

I like to do this every once in a while.
Stun Makoto with a combo, KO with knee bash, hit with a close fierce cancelled into a taunt.

The results vary, if the game doesn’t freeze. bolt9289 explained one example, another is she will be stuck in one frame while falling to the ground. Probably the more recognizable one is shown in SlimX’s 4th 3S video where she will get stuck in one frame for a few seconds, then move to another while still in the air after a few seconds later, then drop after another few seconds.

It’s a weird glitch that’s not worth doing, unless you have a cabinet at home and wanna show your friends something funny/stupid.

It’s a widely recognized ban in Japanese tournaments because the standard is Old Type.