Sayonara Tourney this weekend

yep, i currently have a versus city in my garage.

ps. that is the world famous Louie Zamora in the background.

holy shit, Louie Zamora the blader? of xgames fame?



fuck you california.

:slight_smile: sweet.

the same!

Louie is my hero. No joke.

nice setup man. where did you get the versus cab?

It was one of the versus cabs from Denjin Arcade, as evidenced by the GIGAS sticker above the instructional part

im srsly mirin that cab brah

so sick…

shout out to james im for finding a buyer for my 3s board.

I don’t get jealous often… but this such a time.

Eh. :coffee:

Im flying over lets go

So sick that you guys left Tony’s sticker up!

need players. located in socal (70 mins from oc, 90 from LA) msg me for an invite.

Or me if you wanna flirt before we get down to business. no homo.

Do you guys just get super fucking high and play 3S for like 12 hours straight? Because that’s bad ass if so.

Dander: Wear this.

ryan, I’ll try and find my way down there. I’ll be in Los Angeles for most of the weekend. LET’S GO.

do it man!

cant believe what im missing…:sad: