Sayida- AKA The Stereotypical non-fighting talker

So I have my good friend over, who has never played Ssf4, let alone any fighting game; and he had turned on arcade mode which had online request mode on. I have around 3000pp on there and it joined him up in a room and I was doing laundry while he picks Juri (computer auto picked her at select screen) (or someone who isn’t my main, or alternate, or 3rd, or 4th, or 5th lol) and calls me in when he figured out it was for real (his first online fight). He told me he thought the guy was taunting him and stuff

So I sent his (~1600pp, 2,200bp Cammy) a message like Your cammy’s ass how about a rematch or something and I was gonna fight this time. But instead, I literally… literally have received 17, yep, 17 messages containing “Are you mad BRAh” Are you mad bro" Mad brahz??" “U Mad?” It would bore you to tears if I copied and pasted for proof or screenshot everything. So in between his rants I ask him for a money match, first to ten wins, Evo rules for 100.00 bucks. response… “U mad braHhhz?”. Then for 50.00 instead. He tells me he is going to post this and the video my friend played in online for people to laugh at. No response to my challenge. I keep repeating my challenge and he keeps feeding me the “are you mad” and “Im going to post this video”, stupid shit like that.

I lower it to ten dollars, and finally made the first to ten just for bragging rights. And when I made the challenge for free…he disappeared.

Sayida…fuck you. From me to you. It’s a fighting game…and you won’t even fight. I’m calling you out “BRO”. Money match me for at least 20.00 dollars in person in SoCal at an arcade preferably, or if you live elsewhere I’d happily accept the challenge on xbox or pc in endless battle. Preferably recorded for everyone to see.

This is your official challenge. I’m calling you out.

Don’t send random people hate mail because they pressed HP+HK, it’s your own fault for being so sensitive. You got outwitted by a moron on Xbox live, I have no idea why you thought it was a good idea to share this with us.

This is the only part I can even remember reading

Why? Because I’m tired of the online fighters that talk shit afterwards and won’t accept a challenge, let alone a free one. They just vanish as soon as the concept of a challenge is presented. I didn’t mean to go on and bore people with the same old story, just needed to vent. Especially since I’m just trying to help a friend learn how to play the game.

Yeah, I shouldn’t be pissed about the taunt thing. I taunt sometimes to. But it was taunting at my friend who obviously didn’t know how to play the game during the match anyways. So I sent a brief message after about it, and asked for a rematch. Big deal.

And after him threatening me that he was going to post the video online and make fun of me on srk… well this is me officially calling him out instead of just threats and vanishing.

online-only players don’t do money matches. it would require them to go outside.

LOL online money match.

Apparently his messages were right.

It’s Street Fighter 4 online. Who gives a shit…

Troll is super effective.

woah, just remember to breath deeply during venting. it seems like taunt did its trick in this situation!

Brodude… this was some funny shit lol but i think dude got exactly what he came for. He pissed you off. He shouldnt have. You should have blocked his 3rd message and never looked back. Instead, you let some chump waste your time for God only knows how long… and in the end you were left with nothing more than you came into it with. Dont let trash talk get your adrenaline going… plus, battle/player points are worthless. Not worth fighting over. Nobody cares how many points you have but you. Ive gone up against people with 5000+ that fell to my hand, and guys with 500 that stomped the ever lovin shit out of me. I go into matches not even paying attention to those anymore.

:rock: yeah dude! all about the online money matches!

If there was a method of doing an online money match, credit reports would take a dive like never before has been seen in economic history…

earlier this year i finally took the time to set my xbl to prevent anyone not on my friendslist from sending me a message. i haven’t gotten a message since, and couldn’t be happier.

u mad brah?

I wonder if this is possible on PS3?

Yeah, all good points. Of course he doesn’t want a rematch im just wasting my time and energy. I don’t care about PP and BP being the end all, my friend with little/no experience jumped online in ranked on my name, and I don’t just use my main exclusively either…I was just trying to make a point as to the ‘why’ he was being a dick because he thought he was playing someone above him and ‘handled’ him…

Cheers and thanks for the vent, and no this isn’t even remotely the first time something like this has happened, it was just a bad day on top of it.

I didn’t know the SRK IV boards was also your personal PM system.