Save the trees - Julia Chang Frame Data

*Ended up finishing the frame data since I couldn’t sleep -_-; Please reply with any suggestions or corrections; and support Brady Games by buying their guide!

Julia Chang Frame Data - transcribed from Brady Games Street Fighter x Tekken Guide:

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Physical Guide:


Thanks for this. Not a data error but for the qcf+k p-p followup you correctly state the block advantage (+2) but the cell isn’t green to signify it. Minor nitpick.


Oh, is it possible to edit your excel file by adding hit/blockstun columns?
Because we have to do “active+recovery+hit/block advantage -1” when we want to calculat.

And you can add that her tiger strike can be canceled at frame 13

nicely done, there is already a .pdf posted for those wondering, though

Is blockstun calculated on the first active frame or the frame after (requiring that -1)? I might just add that as comments instead of a column.

@eightb0: Really man? You’re just going to say that here?

I posted this spreadsheet so it’s easier for people to read and if they want they can save a copy of it for easier access.

And please people, support the guys who made the guide if you can. Show some gratitude for their hard work.

Excellent man, thanks for the Data, I haven’t got the guide yet but this will keep me going till I get it :slight_smile:

So, am I correct in understanding that cr.:hp: would have 25 hit stun frames while the full Mountain Crusher has 20 hit stun frames?

Alright, cleaned up a few transcription errors and checked the math using the formula v-ryu said. Looking okay to me right now. If you guys find any errors, please don’t hesitate to add. Also suggestions are welcome.

Time to actually play the game.

Yes to cr.HP, no to MC, that has 30 frames of hit stun.

Is it just me of a lot of sf4 makoto users are here as well lol I remember some of you

Nah, not yet anyway. Nina x Lili, trying to potentially replace Nina with a good battery character who can get in relatively easily. I’m shopping around at the moment.

Yea, I thought my math was off. Darn, I was hoping I could do (cr.:lp:, cr.:hp: xx WR)xN

Would’ve been too easy :stuck_out_tongue:

Could someone help me out? I’m having a hard time telling how much frame advantage Julia is if she does f.MK, MP, F.MP, to wind roll.

About 6 frames advantage. It’s 30 frames hitstun from f.:mk: :mp: f+:mp:/:hp:, and light Wind Roll takes 24 frames, hence. 30-24 = 6 frames advantage.

However, I don’t recall if frame advantage is calculated in. If so, it’s +5 on hit. Enough to combo a cr.:lp:

Ah, Okay thanks. So doing a cr.HP right after wind roll is a 1-frame link…

Frame advantage chain values from the Arcadia Mook

Close === On Block === On Hit
LP        +1      /    +5
MP        +0, -5  /    +4,-1
HP        -6,-14  /    -1,-9
LK        +2      /    +6
MK        -2,-7   /    +2,-3
HK        +1,-8   /    +6,-3
Far ===== On Block === On Hit
LP        +1      /    +5
MP        +0,-5   /    +4,-1
HP        -6,-15  /    -1,-10
LK        +2      /    +6
MK        -2,-8   /    +2,-4
HK        -9,-18  /    -4,-13
Crouch == On Block === On Hit
LP        +3      /    +7
MP        -2,-8   /    +2,-4
HP        -7,-16  /    -1,-10
LK        -1      /    +3
MK        -3,-8   /    +1,-4
HK        -5,-14

Okay so I was looking at the frame data, an if I understand how this works correctly, a blocked mountain crusher xx pc should be only a 2 frame gap between the mountain crusher and the PC …

Mountain crusher is listed as 19 frames of blockstun

You can dash cancel a charge attack on frame 13
PC has 8 frame startup

13 + 8 = 21

(19 frame blockstun) - (21 frame cadc + PC) = -2

Is this correct? If so, this would make getting in way, way easier.

Please don’t crush my dreams <3