Saulabi 3000 ps2/pc

Have the ps2 version of the stick, tried to use it in windows (mame etc) with my usual convertor (works fome with ps1/ps2/sf anni. pads) wont recognize the stick as an input at all… anyone know of any drivers etc i should use?

I had one of those at one point and had the same problem. I think the only way to get it to work would be to change the PCB.

Don’t know how i’ve managed it but by some fluke it started working, took a ps2 pad out during play and plugged the stick straight in and there it went…
a mystery still unsolved but thanks for your time. mods please lock

That sounds like how that X360 adapter works.

then the problem of turning on the analog functions, but saulabi be not able to them switch off…
I had the same problem. put to adapter DualShosck. switch off button analog. take out gamepad. fast put Saulabi.