Sauga's July Thread

sup y’all :tup:

haha, beat me to it. I haven’t robbed a Sauga thread in a while.


Gerjay; can you play tomorrow evening?

Jerris: About the stick’s your looking at, u should find out if they r still making them, cuz before I got my x-arcade stick, I was going to order the 6 button mas one, they didnt have a way to purchase online by credit card, so I decided to call and place an order, when I called, it said the number is out of order. :wow:

PS: Don’t u have a six button mas stick? :confused:

Fuck the bull shit, Creedence Clearwater Revival makes some good fuckin music.

okay thanks for your response, but you didn’t answer either of my questions. I need to know which one is actually better to get out of the two. Don’t worry about me not finding an order for them i know what i am doing.

Thunderblasters and Roman Candles are the shit! :tup:

I like the x-arcade one’s more cuz the stick is bigger, but the only bad thing about it is that it has extra 2 button’s under the first four, so it feels weird to tri junmp with hard kick,the mas one’s r brobbably more sensitive though. :tup:

It’s really up to u, but I would get a custom mas one if i were u. :tup:

The reason everyone has the eight button sticks is because your not limited to just those games. The 8 button sticks can be substituted for console controlers. Eg. Mine works with ps2, i can plug it in and use it as a normal controler, it has the x, triange, circle, and square, L1, L2 r1 and r2. With a 6 button stick, u cant do that. Ive also heard a lot abotu x arcade and how much they suck and break easily. Also, apparently their made some very inconvienient way, like i think theirs something in the way of ur hand, i forget what exactly, but i no, that x arcade is definetly something i wouldn’t look into.

Next point! Last night OWNED! I got soooo fucking wasted. God damn cq and his sausages in the old lady voice. Lol, i cant even remember who got hit in the balls with a pool ball. Now im hungover and have to be at work in 30 mins. FUCK. GERJAY AND MARK BLAAAAAAZED! Didn’t think id see the day. we have to get mark to do it again, i dont think he got high. We have to fill those torch lighters!

Gerjay Blazed?! What The Flub!

Yesterday was the funniest day in a very long time. Maybe it was the alcohol but damn.

  • Jason hit the blunt like a champ

  • Nailing CQ in the nuts off the break with the white ball

  • My beer kept foaming up :lol:

  • Poeta waking up and saying “I had a dream I farted out a Jelly Bean” :lol:

  • Talking shit to the people setting off fireworks

  • Snapping on Mark in a drunkin rage, I just couldn’t deal with the idiotic comments anymore.

Props to lessard and james for both hosting throughout the night.

that session was chaunced thats why im quiting wow

Ya I kind of got the feeling it wasn’t a true session. I think Jason should try it again cause not everyone gets high the first time.

I’ve spoken with roger’s brother and he will design a stick personally for my prefernces. Hopefully this will also include adapting to other consoles as well. I only intend on using mine for dc mainly tho, its just strickly for practice.

Lord fucking magnus, i owned a x arcade stick for a bit and i didn’t like it.

Jason i got a dreamcast and i can’t find any of the capcom games over the net. Is it possible if i can burn your copy of that all 3 games in one, it would really help me out alot thanks.

i can’t wait until i get this new stick.

Random Shit…

Today I went and saw War Of The Worlds. To me, it was more laughs than what I had anticipated for a movie such as that (due to quite a few reasons). But I have to admit, that the visuals in the movie were pretty amazing. In conclusion it was a pretty good movie, with an ending that puzzles me, and to be honest they could have made it alot better when it comes to the actual story and events that occur with in it.

Listen ryan, sanford or whatever they call you…please stop posting to us about how your day was. Lets try to keep this to a more mature level.

It’s a good thing you weren’t around when I’d post logs of my lunchtime visits to Skybox on a random tuesday and lose to Shan. On a related note, there’s no harm in the guy talking about War Of The Worlds. He didn’t really talk about his day so much as he gave a small review of the movie (which I heard was trash and thus reduced to the download queue).

I can’t play tomorrow anymore. See what happens when Gerjay doesn’t come online, I have no excuse not to hit some party in Oakville. UGH! Why does the hurting never end?

war of the worlds fucking sucked

This is a gaming forum. I’d be happy to see SF GAMING RELATED TEXTS. From my 1 year experience at SRK, I must say the Sauga thread does a piss poor job keeping the topic game related. MORE than half the time, you people are talking about getting drunk or high.

I can’t really speak for everyone but if you ever wonder why half the Sauga players don’t post here (often), this is probably why. This sounds more like a forum for druggies than a gaming forum. Come to think of it, I don’t know why I’m posting here…

it’s a hanging out forum. A way for us to talk and see whats going on usually because a lot of us aren’t on msn at the same times. We’ve been friends for time and we like to do other things while playing games.

PS… War of the worlds was pretty crap.