Sauga June Thread

Yup, lets try to keep it to 100 posts this month



in the “proof of aliens” thread…fucking hilarious

fuck man, hayvren, hook us up with those african magic berries

I’ma get bucks like Milwaukee cause like Sam I cassell

the puns have infected Matt. It’s punstoppable.

but Sam Cassell isn’t even on the buck anymore is he?

No he has 2 broken knees and he’s a bum for the Celtics now

No to both.

Its from an old Jadakiss / AZ track.

so jadakiss has teh puns.

Nothing like coming home from work at 4 am to find out my dad’s in the hospital and his cars driver window got smashed while at the hospital.

:sad: What happened to your dad? Is he OK? :sad:

whoa, hope everything is ok.

21 hours later he still doesn’t have a room, instead credit valley likes to focus on fucking global tv coming to the hospital and putting on a good show. The whole emergency entrance is blocked off by like 6 tv trucks.

All I know is that he was puking/shitting blood and they took his blood like 6 hours ago to test it, he’s just in a stretcher on the isde of emergency right now, it’s pretty fucking ridiculous that he doesnt have a room yet.

At least it’s not life threatening I don’t think, probably a blood transfusion is needed and everything should be ok, I think. Again, 21 hours and no info is pretty fucking disgusting.

Christ dude, sorry to hear that.

I Remember i split my hand open pretty bad, and i needed to get stitches. After waiting for 4 hours, the doctor comes in and says “ok, we have the suture kit, but it’s going to take another 3 hours to get the freezing agent” (how it would take 3 hours to get a product they obviously have on hand is beyond me). I told the fucker i wasn’t waiting and had the couple of stitches done without freezing (hurt worse than the cut itself).

James: sorry for the loaftage. If I forget to check you tomorrow, give me a shout 905-567-6289

Vrus: I’ll ask around, even though I’m sure you’re joking/I doubt there’s any chance i’ll find a link/*Insert joke about you wanting it so semen tastes better here

that’s really brutal, hope everything turns out okay.

Sorry to hear that man, I wish your father the best.

So back on topic, when stuff does go down in 'Sauga, where does it happen? I’d be interested to know since I might be able to make it.

T: All the best for yo dad

H: seriously, a fruit that can make Canadian not only tolerable, but turn it into something from dr.jones is like a godsend. I’m also hoping it will turn ocra into lychee.
I’ve heard it goes around in asian stores as ‘miracle fruit’ but i havn’t been searching yet.

Woah, check the thread and messed up stuff is happening. Hope your dad’s ok Teddy. That’s pure bullshit with the hospital prioritizing the TV.

Fazzle: If okra tastes bad, your’e not making it right. Best vegetable ever made.