Sauga "Free Box" March Thread 2008

Hope i got the tittle right this time.

yay caps

The grammar Gods are appeased.

yuhin wins at everything forever!

naruto manga fucking SUCKS…SO BAD. its a neverending “ha! you’ve activated my trapcard!” back and forth.




I have retire in marvel. =p
Go out at the peak.

Teddy and anant: you can ship my money to my poker star account : 25jai

Damn this smarch weather.

1:22 in.


chopskies i know you’re down.

Free box!

no chopskies…ill let you buy out for 3

loooooooooooool i totally forgot about the krablar dance.

pinch pinch

free box all day.

Oh your so dumb!

DUMB FUCK, fuck pringles and curly moustaches it’s all about free box.

hey guys,

will be in missisauga tuesday night… any arcades or gatherings ?

I play 3s, Alpha 3, cv2, and sf4

Smash bros in 6 days. Get hype bitches!!!

So I heard GerJays new favorite song is 3’s and 7s?? baaaaahaha

scumbag laugh is back, don’t fuck up if you don’t want to be annoyed

Oh yah, when me hayvren and yuhin were walking back, we see a new beamer at the entrance to the other complex, and i’m like “I wish we were in THAT beamer.”

Then we walk a bit more, and we see the other side of the car is totally busted, doesn’t even have a tire. Not a good day for BMW.

It never is a good day for BMW during the winter