Sauga August 2006 Thread

Sauga sucks at MvC2.


i cant sleep…

so pissed

You can’t be that pissed, there’s no giant rant.

I’d cry but the reefers dried my eyes out.


its so hot i think my blood is evaporating.

transfered my 40 priest (Unforeseen) cuz i know its gonna take forever for me to get to 40… thank god for mounts…

funny that i transfer him now, when im going to my cottage again tomorrow, for like a week.

From TFGM’s T7 log

“Canada at first was going to put Nagata Lock in as one of the subs but at the last moment they switched him out. If Nagata had played then there was a chance that Triforce could pull 1 game out of 5 as Marvelous considered Triforce almost good enough to beat Nagata but it would be more so luck than skill. That chance was stripped away.”

Countdown to T8. :looney:

tfgm got that part wrong.
none of us put nagata in the team at first place.
he went to the camera man and us saying “im on the team” and named himself the captain.

i think it was a good idea subbing curt for noodles. he went 3-2 didnt he?

guy, i dunno how many times i have to clear this…
there was no subbing. curt was never in the team.
him saying/putting himself on the team without us(eric and i) agreeing does not equal to “being on the team”

it was crystal clear that the two real qualifiers (eric and i) made the team for the 5v5, which are the members of pokeguy/ian/noodleman.
we never said anything about putting nagata on the team.

jesus christ.

so you’re saying it was a…bad idea to sub in noodles for curt.

im not gonna make fun of u on this one… cause i know u r a nice guy.
but dude, noodleman told me that u posted and he couldnt stop laughing at your post.

here i’ll just answer ur question nicely, with another question.
which part of my post saying it was a bad idea to sub in noodleman for curt?

and which part of “there was no sub” do u not understand, james.
or which part of "eric and i made the 5v5 team, which are the members of pokeguy/ian/NOODLEMAN"
i dont mind to explain some more, i mean, hell, u r entertaining noodleman right now.
hes laughing his ass off at work.

funny about this is nagata was in charge of the cvs2 5v5, not u and js. Doesn’t matter if u won the quali, he was still the capt… which is why i dunno why he let you and js screw him…

i dun think anyone find that funny.

maybe theres a mistake or something.
nagata was incharge of cvs2 5v5 qualifier.
he didnt qualify for that, so what gives him the right to PUT himself on the team without asking anyone? and how does a person incharge of a tournment gets to "be the captain"
just because he was incharge of the qualifier?
u were incharge of t7, does that makes u a captain of mvc2?

and how did any of us “screw” him when we never agree him being on the team anyways?
thats just like the johnsons, but at least they asked ryan if they can be on the 3s 5v5.

i dont quite understand ur post stephen. sry.
do u by all means it was fine of him putting himself on the team just like that?
for one thing, he should be happy that he was on camera during the 5v5 and had an interview plus prenamed himself the “captain” cause they made a shot at him and it was too late to change the tape. i mean people like dice01 was trying his best to be on camera that the camera dude had to come up and asked "who are the real 5 players, i dont want anyone on the screen other than the 5, and i personally pointed out dice01 that he is not on the team, surprisely camera guy replied “haha, i thought so.”

He was also in charge of the ST 5-on-5 and he withdrew his entry last minute to tape 4 hours of the CvS2 Ontario Qualifier.

ill tell you what was funny, my post. i was supposed to be a joke. see all the sarcasm crammed between the lines?

i find that funny too
but i think wing was just continuing the point so EVERYONE in sauga know the truth.