Saturn USB controller and the Original Saturn Controller the big round one

Ok so i got a question. Seems now its commons knowledge the Saturn usb dpad is crap in terms of quality and usually break off. Well it appears that people can swap the the same model dpad from the official Saturn Pad.

Well here’s my question is the DPAD on the fat round Saturn Controller the same as the smaller one? I ask this because a small game shop has this controller

If this is the case then i can go out and buy this controller and just swap dpads from this to my broken Saturn controller.

The controller doesnt seem as big in person. So i cant be sure if the DPAD is also bigger on the fat controller.

Saturn pads are normally $10-15 on eBay (I’ve bought way too many recently). Could you buy it and return it if it wasn’t identical? You could always claim you couldn’t get it working, blah blah blah.

Official saturn pads run pretty high from wut i saw? The Saturn USB ones from hong kong have fault dpads that fall off… Its a really nice pad minus the dpad falling off after a couple days