Saturn Pad For Tournament Play?

Hi everyone,
Just wondering what (if any) options there are for someone who wanted to use a Saturn Pad at a tournament? Specifically for PS4 (as far as I can tell all the SFV tournaments are PS4 set-ups?). Is there any sort of converter, or way to make one? Or is there a converter for a generic Direct Input pc pad? So then you could go through a Saturn to PC-USB converter and then through a PC to PS4 converter?


You can padhack a Hori Fighting commander with a FGWidget converter to make yourself a Saturn to PS4 adapter. There’s also the pricey PS2 model of the Saturn pad you can use with the Brook adapter.

I have these two that hook directly into the system (Works perfectly with Guilty Gear: Revelator since it uses the Skullgirls’ legacy patch):