Saturday Night Online Gatherings 6 pm-12:30 am (EST) PSN/XBL

Just thought of this since the XBL patch is out now: how about every Saturday night we all Join/create some unranked rooms and play some matches with each other? You can do FT5’s with someone or whatever, just play!

Use this thread to post your gamertag, GG’s, fight requests, your videos, streams, what time you’ll be attending etc…

Since I got nothing else to do on saturday, I should be on all the way through 6-12.
Would it be better to do this here? People could play before and after Skullbats.

oh wow, actually found some players at the last hour (I forgot lol) I didn’t really go in practice mode but wow does it show.

ggs on PSN to Emuchu and SonicDrone

Is this like a small tournament that happens every Saturday? If so, then I would like to fight some of ya.
By the way, my Psn name is Elemental-32.
SG- Pea-Fill-For
MVC2: Joe,Jill,Ryu

Nah it’s just a way to get people to atleast make some rooms since the online for this game is pretty dead.

I heard that the PC version will have lobbies, if that’s the case I might consider streaming some.

This sounds pretty fun, and I haven’t touched Skullgirls in forever. I might join in every now and then. I’m Kyosai7 on XBL (I also have Tekken 6 and KoF2k2UM) and kainhighwind2 on PSN, where I have BlazBlue Continuum Shift, Injustice, Tekken Revolution and SFxT

I’m also Kyosai7 on Steam, and I plan on grabbing Skullgirls Day 1 on PC

I’m pretty terrible at this game but my PSN is Mysterious_Tokyo if you wanna add me.

I’ll definitely attempt to play on saturday, been playing Squigly in the beta version so it’s going to suck not being able to use her but I’ll manage lol