Saturday Night Fights Milwaukee,WI April 10 2010

The Tracks Tavern Soloist25 and Footmeetsskull proudly announce SATURDAY NIGHT FIGHTS!!!
WHERE:The Tracks Tavern and Grille 1020 E Locust Milwaukee,WI
WHEN: Saturday April 10 2010
VENUE FEE: FREE that’s right I said FREE!
GAMES BEING PLAYED: SF4 as of now strong possibility of more games being played in the future depending on turnout,interest,etc.
OTHER DETAILS: This is a 21 and up venue and it’s strongly recommended you B.Y.O.C.(Bring Your Own Controller) You are allowed to drink all you want granted you buy your own drinks. This is a super nice venue with plenty of room for setups. Tourney will be ran on Xbox360. Registration fee is $5 if more than 8 people show up. Event begins at 3pm. Feel free to PM me with any questions you may have. This is my first time doing this so be easy on me! I hope to see all of you there as this is a great venue for Milwaukee.

the tracks is like 4 blocks from my house. i’m there. bloody mary’s and SPDs all night!

run t6!

then i’ll be glad to play for shots

UPDATE! We will be running T6 casuals depending on interest T6 tournies are a strong possibility. Feel free to come out and money match,drink match etc. Oh and T6 will be run on PS3.

Sounds awesome. I at first was concerned because I thought it was conflicting with MWC, but then I read it’s in April, not May, and felt like a ninny.

I’ll try to make it out so long as I can make sure I don’t get scheduled for work.

I’m getting HYPE for this! People tell your friends,enemies,baby mamas etc. to come out and support!

One more week!

is this being streamed

Unfortunately we are not streaming this one. We may in the future depending on how big of a turnout these get.

In case any of you were wondering winner keeps same character. Tourney is double elimination and we are playing SF4 on Asus(EVO) monitors.


what time may we stay there until?

The bar closes at 2am. Also, if you could lug that TV with you Syxx that would be a huge help. Turns out that we need it lol. I’ll reimburse you for your troubles with a couple drinks.

dude i can’t wait to give u that damn thing back it’s been taking up space in my garage for months


My bro and his gf are gonna come out and support, though will not play. He’s not too good at SF4, and she doesn’t know what a video game is. Still, the more the merrier!

Why is it only 21 and up? i know its a bar but you should please make it atleast 18 and up. Im only nineteen and i’d love to bring some buddies to come play!

Just come to the next one.

When/Where is the next one?

We are still working out the details. What I can tell you tho is the next won’t be until after MWC. So sometime in mid May/early June. For those wondering event starts at 3 tourney will begin around 5. I’m hoping the 2 hours will give plenty of time for people to make it to the bar,get registered,play casuals,eat,drink etc. Get HYPE!!!

See everybody at 3! Come toast farewell to Vanilla SF4!