[Sat.Dec.10 – Toronto] TosfHQ Presents: Battle of Kings! UMVC3 Results

UMVC3 Teams are complete!!

1st Team Rush Hour 1 – [A&C] RDK / [YRSF] white_r
2nd Team Rush Hour 2 – Quandizzle / DarkDragon
3rd Team GDLK Rebelo – [GDLK] Rebelo / Joker
4th Team SpiralTrite – Spiral Guy / Mr. Trite
5th Team Arcade Mode High Score – Dangeresque / Alvin1887
6th Team Let’s Get it kraken – [YRSF] Nickcam / [YRSF] Chaos2D

Battle LOG:
Rush hour 1 beats: Arcade Mode High Score, GDLK Rebelo & SpiralTrite
Loses to: Rush Hour 2 & Let’s Get it kraken

Rush Hour 2 beats: Let’s Get it kraken, Rush Hour 1 & SpiralTrite
Loses to: Arcade Mode High Score & GDLK Rebelo

GDLK Rebelo beats: Arcade Mode High Score, Let’s Get it kraken & Rush Hour 2
Loses to: Rush Hour 1 & SpiralTrite

SpiralTrite beats: Arcade Mode High Score, Let’s Get it kraken & GDLK Rebelo
Loses to: Rush Hour 1 & Rush Hour 2

Arcade Mode High Score beats: Let’s Get it kraken & Rush Hour 2
Loses to: GDLK Rebelo, Rush Hour 1 & SpiralTrite

Let’s Get it kraken beats: Rush Hour 1
Loses to: Arcade Mode High Score, GDLK Rebelo, Rush Hour 2 & SpiralTrite

*The 4 way tie was settled through the win percentages for the teams (some teams had 2-0 blow outs)

Due to some circumstances, SSFIV: AE has been postponed.
Alternate plan is to run the Finals @ A&C next Wednesday Dec.21st

We also held singles for UMVC3 & SSFIV: AE

1st [A&C]RDK – receives a 1400 XBL card
2nd [YRSF]white_r
3rd Mr. Trite

1st Ehai – receives a 1400 XBL card
2nd Mr. Trite
3rd Italdan

Special Thanks:
TOSFHQ Staff for helping out on the organizing and arranging the final venue
Hidey & Omega Collectables for the prize donations and equipment
[YRSF]white_r for prize donations
A&C games for the equipment donations
[TTT]RXS for pulling the all-nighter with us to record / commentate the finals
[GDLK]Rebelo & Dice01 for assisting in the bracket running
Players and teams that made it out
Once AE is concluded I will make one last thread with all the shoutouts and results.

Thank you all

Thanks for having me. Shout outs to my sponsor Daddy Omega for supporting me and all of the crew at YRSF. This tournament was alot of fun and really put teams on the map. Although that might have been Canada Cup. Anys, great job to Stephen and Quan or hosting and organizing this wonder event and all the people that put work to make this happen. See you all in the next tournament.

For those that are behind on their Christmas shopping, you should head over to http://www.omegacollectables.com/ and check out all the goodies Hidey has to offer. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter at the link below. Cheers!

Guess the Daddy Omega is a permanent fixture now. Shout outs to Quan for giving me the new (and fitting) handle.

Had a great time on Saturday, cool venue! Sorry I couldn’t stick around to watch the final tournament conclude, my self-feel from beating Rebelo one match was overwhelming and I needed to go home and lie down.

Props to everyone who contributed to making Battle of Kings happen: TOSFHQ, A&C, Heroes World, Bison’s Autoshop and the K/W boys, GDLK, The TTT crew (DarkDeath for them trailers and graphics, Vince for streaming, tweeting, driving to and from Hamilton). This was a cool series and would like to see all of us come together to put on a show again in 2012 - bigger, better, and badder!

YRSF done good boys. Let’s hope we win the AE Finals!

I completely forgot to bring the TE Plexi prizes with me on Saturday so I’ll get them to Stephen for provide for the winners. My apologies!

This cosmic dance of top tier players and saltiness twists all our arms collectively, but if leveling-up can win, and it can, then I’ll still be here tomorrow to high-five you yesterday, my friends. Peace.