Saskatchewan Thread 2016

Hey guys, how’s it going? Long time no see, likely, for most of you.

Hopefully some of you are as excited for SFV as I am, and we can play some matches (at the least, online!). Feel free to post your PSN or (Steam?) name below, or feel free to hit me up with a friend request on PSN.

My PSN: MrLosha

Hope 2016 leads to plenty fun sets in SFV!

I feel as though no one is gonna see this, but I should mention anyway:

Heads up to any Regina players interested, Replay Games east is going to be hosting a SFV launch week tournament on Friday the 19th, at 6pm. Registration is $5, not sure about if that’s for a prize pool or for the space rental, and sign ups (at the store) are due by the Thursday (though, I feel they wouldn’t care about people showing up on day, at the least for casuals). Should come down and hang out! I believe there’s at least 4 of us since when I signed up a few days back. BYOC

GGs to everyone that I met Friday night. Really glad to see ppl interested in SFV in Regina.

Hey all.

I’m announcing the first Street Fighter V tournament that I’m hosting this year. (No other games; except maybe SMASH if I can get some people from that camp to talk to me.)

OK. So details.

Cathedral Community Center - April 30, 2016. (I will add an actual address to this post later, it’s on 13th Ave.)
10$ Door Fee
10$ Tournament Fee (20 total.)
Pot split 70/20/10
Pot Bonus - $500
After Party - Trifecta Music Festival is going to be putting on a show at the center right after the tournament. There will be local acts from Saskatchewan performing. We have a liquor license (with valid ID) and the event is all ages.
We will be following evo ruleset. 2/3 until winners/losers/grand finals which are 3/5
BYOC - (legacy controllers OK, but you are responsible for your pad.) - this is contingent on how this works at Chip Damage’s next event and I will follow their lead on whether or not they should be allowed.


I can start spreading the word around to players I know at the UofR/just spread the word around in general.

Any updates on if this is still happening, what time it’d be at, etc?

I moved to Regina a couple of year ago.

Fighter ID: CaptainMurda

Not sure if anyone checks around here often, but I figured I’d post a few things.

Firstly, GGS to Saskatoon last weekend, was lots o fun.

Secondly, if theres anyone here from Regina you should like this post, because if that happens I’ll post here if I plan or hear of any events happening in the city.

Thirdly, I have a game on Kickstarter and I launched a demo for it! Ya’ll should check it out!

For any SF or KoF players in Saskatoon. Ron Lim, aka Limfiltration, one of the best Vega/Rashid players from the Philippines as well as the TO behind our weeklies just moved to Saskatoon this month and is looking for casuals since he left his PS4 here in the PI.