Sanyuken: Saturday/Sunday. Fall River, MA

I usually play but I only got a single set and awful power in the apartment. In respect to my building owner, I had to make this a private session with limited people. It is to avoid over crowding with people unknown. You will need to text me or call me to see if I have a session going on locally. or do online sessions only FR players (to minimize lag as possible).


Saturdays @ 5:00PM - 11:00PM (Subject to my availability)
Sundays @ 4:00PM - 10:00PM (Subject to my availability)

My Information:

411: Hayato San
CELL: 774-644-9353
XBL: DevilFoxX
PS3: HayatoSanxX

The Fall river crew is back and so that means the Turtles are here! I will try and make it out to show support Hayato!

Thomas Vigil aka Vigilante.

I would show up if I didn’t have to work every saturday night. It’s like my only bad day. :frowning:

Cool Thomas. I need to train hard so I can be of challenge for future events. EVO2k11 I going. = )

Nice, Hayato I would love to see you and your brother’s play SF again.

Starting 11/6. Let me know if this works or not for peepz.

Oh this looks sick, I used to go to wall’s until he stopped. I go to Umass Dartmouth right now so I’m real close to fall river. I definitely wanna make it to one of these, there’s no one that plays here.

Hopefully I can make it out one of these days but I usually work so I will try my best. Hayato, try and get all the turtles back up and running and turn into the beast’s that you all were…and still are!

i can play anyday of the week. just text me when you are free. if im free im down. so is savai. kalet plays too. krazyjones play as well but he being a busy family man he not ready to play more yet.

but yea saturday is just an open day for me. im available friday night and sundays as well. saturdays is just better because no one works the next day :slight_smile:

its going to take me many years before i can catch up to dis kits legendary hakan and el fuerte. ;o

this is exactly waht i was looking for, i roll with 4 dudes who play sf every day, we are down to lpay every week we also have ah ouse with 4 ps3s and 1 xbox, we can do it there, can you guys let me know if this si happening this weekend? so count us 4 if you are. we are pretty good but not the best always looking to imprve please get back to me. i wanna make sure this is cool with you before i start showign up lolc uz i want some local comp tired of online b.s

Everybody should try and make this tourney this weekend!

hey tom. im coming to that event hopefully. so that means nothing going on at my crib this weekend but next weekend im down if anyone want to play :smiley:

Mr Sleeps. Sunday (Since Framingham tourney is Sat) if you have something setup, maybe I can come by to play. I go to school at UMass.

Also I hate playing online. I cannot do anything right. I also cant do anything right offline. My PP is staggering at a low 600 lolz. Trying to get use to my new HRAP stick. Pretty legit. expensive as shit tho. . . . . .

Wut about your brothers?

yea sunday is cool i get out of work around 330 and me and my boys will be playing sat im going to the framingham tourney with my fellas u guys gonna be there? friday we are gonna practice hard so if you wanna get down there thats cool just leave me your number ill call you up

My cell is in first post and also my xbox tag. Might open this up for Saturday nights and Sunday noonish to night.

whats up hayatox im from fall river and would def like to come play with you guys been anxious to find some local games im friends with paul i used to always go to his spot but he hasnt been having gatherings lately.

Where the fuck is Paulie wall?

Paulie Wallie is busy bringing kids to school on his bus. = )

just send hayonto a message monday or wed 12-6 or 12-8 me and my boys are having a gathering at his house in dartmouth ma, we got couple setups anybody whose local is welcomet o come please just respond to this post. keep u guys updated my name is steve

Are you guys going to souper bowl?