Sanwa snap-in or screw-in?

I’m replacing the horrible Hori buttons in my HRAP 3. I’ve already ordered a set of snap-in buttons, but have heard from a couple people that the screw-in design makes them easier to remove and install, and keeps them firmer in place (no minor movement).

Just wondering what the general consensus here was? Advantages and disadvantages?

same thing.

I prefer screw-ins but to each his own. They do make it easier if you want to remove them later on to change artwork, etc.

Snap-ins seem to work just as well but may loosen over time if they’re removed too often.

Wood & Plexi: Screw in
Metal panel: Snap in.

The idea of snap-ins loosening is ridiculous, while screw-ins get loose FAR easier. The nuts come undone under normal wear and tear, especially in a metal control panel where the little dots on the top of the nut can’t grab into anything. Against wood, I’d expect the nuts to hold on tighter, but the main reason I wouldn’t want snap-ins on a wooden top is because a good amount of force is needed is pop those suckers in, and the force could cause a plexi top to crack or wear out the wood after a few changes.

The nuts also make installation difficult on HRAP layout panels; the buttons aren’t spaced properly and the nuts get in eachother’s way on the buttons closest to the stick.

If you’re dealing with an HRAP stick, snap-ins are the only way to go. On a custom wood stick, go with screw in, and try to find a way to help secure the nut, like maybe hot glue.

Awesome Toodles - thanks for your detailed explaination.

screw ins are used for holding down the plexi in some sticks i’ve seen