Sanwa Silencers

I’ve been toying with this idea for a few months now after getting flack from my chick for keeping her up at night during late night sessions. So I came up with an insert for already existing Sanwa buttons that are great, affordable and do not require you to replace a whole button. I tried with various materials like foam, sponge and old mouse-pads. Since then I’ve given a few out to some buddies at OFC along with Joe from J&J modding and the feed back has been great.

With that said I’m please to announce that I will be 1st sending out 10 free sets to any 10 members interested in checking these out. Also I will start taking pre-orders as soon as production ramps up past the 10 sets needed. (everything is done by hand right now)

If you have any questions by all means, ask away…

Here’s what it looks like installed as you would:

I’m definitely interested in testing them out! Looks neat!

Also, I want to enter :smiley:

I’d be interested too…my ball and chain is always complainong bout th noise the buttons make lol

PM me with your addresses.

Heck yah i would be all over that. My wife says the same thing all the time haha.

would like to try them out!

Yo I’m interested, send you a PM?

i am interested

im interested =)!

I’m interested

yes, post here then send a PM

Oh god, please! My asian wife is not pleased with my late night clack-a-lacking. Plus I’ve got a little one on the way, that’s the ultimate test.

I’m interest man :smiley:

Would love to try these!

Im up for trying them out if there’s any left.

Also keep in mind these won’t get sent out till Monday of next week. Sorry but as of right now, like I mentioned before, it’s all being done by hand. The response has been great, thanks for the hype guys…


i want to enter!!


Yup, definitely interested in trying these guys out if you’ve got another set.