Sanwa screw in's (OBSN-30)

I have noticed that a lot of stick builders use the snap in’s even on wood. How are these held in? I have used Seimitsu screw in’s on a box before but looking at the sanwa screw in’s there doesn’t appear to be much threading. What depth with the wood need to be around the buttons in order to use the Sanwa OBSN-30? Can I use MDF?


I have taken the wood down to 1/4 th of an inch. For both sanwa’s and seimitsu’s.

You want the screw-in button depth to be around 8mm thick.

Using MDF? Does it hold ok at the depth in terms of presure? I would assume the plexi would help take some stress off.

Yeah I have done it on mdf with a 3mm lexan top. I would use wood though, it makes for better top panels than mdf.

What wood do you suggest that is cost effective for top panels?

Also why exactly are people using the quick disconnects on wood panels? Arent they just resting in the wood then? Most of these I have seen just have slots milled out for the tabs to rest in.

I’m just trying to figure out why so many people seem to use the snap ins.

Any wood would do (poplar, oak etc).

Quick disconnects? Those are used so that if you have a broken button you can replace it easily without having to desolder and solder the connection again.

As to snap ins, I personally dont like them. I beleive lots of people use snap ins because they modded sticks first before they built/ordered their own custom and just transfer the parts later on. Since most people here have HRAP’s (or similar metal top panel sticks) snap ins make sense because the top panel is a thin metal panel. Snapins were designed to snap into thin metal panels so that exchanging buttons would be easy. If you are using a wood top panel you should defintly go screw ins. They dont require to be in such thin panels as snap ins do.

I use sanwa snap-ins but I cut a hole for all 6 buttons in my wood rather than one for each individual button, then I use my lexon top as the snap in for my buttons, I’m assuming a lot of people are just using their plexi or lexon to hold their buttons in place.

Sorry on the quick disconnects wording. That was my bad. I meant to say snap ins. Right I agree competely from a design standpoint on using screw ins with wood. But I see … a majority of people here using snap ins on wood and I just didnt understand why you would do that.

how thin of lexan or plexi are you using to hold the button in place like that? I have only used like an 1/8th which seemed too thick.

Most likely they don’t have a router or dremel tool.