Sanwa Parts on an X-arcade stick

so i have the x-arcade stick, i wanna swap out the stick and the buttons with sanwa buttons, the buttons shouldn’t be a big deal, the only thing i’m not quite sure how to do is install the stick, if anyone could help or guide me with this it’d be greatly appreciated

You will probably need to use a router to get the mounting plate proper height, problem is the box sides will get in the way of the router.

Hesitant to reccomend using a forstner drill bit instead of router for safety reasons. Perhaps a dremel might be your best bet. Check out for various mounting techniques and pick the one that best suits your situation.

I don’t know if it’s going to be any use to you but I was interested in finding out how hard it would be myself.

Basically you have your quick disconnects and your wiring harness. You have to remove the quick disconnects and twist the exposed wire together with the exposed wire from the sanwa wiring harness. The problem that you might have is that with the wiring harness you have 5 wires and the joystick currently has two wires per microswitch.

As long as the thickness of the control panel on the X-arcade isn’t over 1/4" or so where the joystick mounts you should be able to drop a Sanwa JLW stick right in there. It’s an older stick that is similar to a JLF and is probably a lot better than the X-arcade joystick.

thanks for the replies guys, exactly the info i needed

I am not thinking that you could use a chisel depending on if it is actually wood and plywood. Might work sloppy on MDF.

you could always throw in a jlw before everyone stops selling them! same hole layout as american sticks!