Sanwa parts in Fukuoka Japan?

Hey all,

I did a search and only found info for Akihabara, nothing in Fukuoka…

I saw the website so I could theoretically have it shipped to my mother-in-law’s home but we are leaving on the 9th and they are closed for business starting tonight until the 4th…

Anyone know of a B&M store in the Fukuoka area I can grab some parts?

This is the worst map ever, but River Service is located there:

The english speakers on that page are really helpful and should be able to let you know if they accept walk-in business.

I can vouch for them too. They are awesome.

I assume “River Service” is the name of the store? My wife is with me and she is Japanese so I should be ok to go without an English Speaker, all I really need is the name of the store and then I can just google map it in Japanese or English.

I’ll google River Service and see what comes up. From that page you linked me it looks like it was a car service page…


EDIT: You guys rock, I really wasn’t even expecting a response, I called the guy and he said it was ok for me to come in, he was even going to pick me up haha. Much appreciated.

Yeah, they are really easy to work with.

Here’s the rough english page:

And here’s probably some of the stuff you’re looking for:

^Are those OBSC’s I see?

That’s what I thought.
How can I get hooked up with some of those?

I’m going to call.

Well they only had one OBSC, so that was a no go.

They were very awesome as described (the place not the button).

I picked up 4 mesh ball tops, one bat top, two seimitsu ls-32-01’s and 20 OBSF-30 buttons for 9000 yen.

Thanks again.

Wow man.
That is cheap.

They do sell cheap. Unfortunately the shipping is extremely expensive unless you’re ordering a truck load of stuff.

Not really worth it to order a few parts from them. But you should check them out if you want stuff like Cabinets or Monitors.