Sanwa or Seimitsu?

I’m trying to get back in this game and I recall that a few years back I had a discussion with some people in-the-know and it seems like in Japan the players prefer Seimitsu sticks for this game. That being said, there are plenty of good players who use Sanwa for this game specifically at console tournaments and they don’t seem to have any trouble.

I personally prefer Sanwa for any “3D” game (SFIV engine included) but for 2D fighters Seimitsu is the way to go.


Seimitsu ls 32-01 is my preference, and should be the standard for console sticks imo. Also sanwas are too damn loose; especially when the cab you are used to playing has those stiff ass bat tops

I prefer seimitsu but I heard they wear out faster than sanwas though.

i think on the cab ive used he puts in seimitsu sticks, sanwa buttons.

i think thats sort of the standard 3s cab setup in japan? not sure.

I thought they used Seimitsu in cabs because they lasted longer? i use Seimitsu anyway, i find Sanwa too lose for ST and 3s

I thought all SF games use sanwa but for me the better i have this game and i was wondering what stick to use. I’m starting to use seimitsu for everything specially kof, i can’t play it without it.

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I thought they used Seimitsu in cabs because they lasted longer? i use Seimitsu anyway, i find Sanwa too lose for ST and 3s

Seimitsu sticks and sanwa buttons on jp cabs, i believe its the same for grand master challenge cabs as well

Seimitsu LS 32-01 all the way. However the cabinets don’t use Sanwa buttons, they’re too sensitive, they use default Sega buttons that come with the Sega cabinets.

Hey, I’ve heard that you are good at 3rd Strike

What is the difference between blast city and astro city cabs? Also do versus city cabs always come as a pair?

astro city is older. monitor is only whatever hz. blast city has a tri sync i think (can switch it for diff games, like GG is higher hz than 3S).
versus city is specifically the h2h model afaik.

the monitors that come with blast city can run at a higher resolution than astro or versus cabs. i used to think that meant 3S couldn’t run on them, or could but it wouldn’t look ideal, but coop cup used them so i guess they’re fully backward compatible. astro and versus are basically the same thing as far as i know, except that astro doesn’t have an LED (is this thing supposed to count win streaks? it’s always been broken on the cabs i’ve used). i’ve never seen a versus cab as a single unit, so maybe they actually aren’t detachable. you can hook up two astros and get almost the same thing anyway. there are probably other subtle differences like dimensions, speaker wattage, etc.

from what i understand yeah tri syncs can run the hz for 3s. its just that since they also run at other frequencies, they arent the exact specs that are ideal for 3s.
in other words while its minimal, they arent THE setup for 3s if that’s what someone wanted.

Compatible games only (usually SEGA games)

What is THE setup then?

The ones at Super Arcade work but thye really just say 2p AWESOE FUN TIME SEGA or something to that effect

See you at Japan Arcade tonight Dander.