Sanwa OBSC 30mm Clear Rim artwork?

This might sound like a stupid question, but can you add artwork under the clear rim? Kind of like how you can add artwork to buttons.


Really? is there a forum I can read?

I’ve never heard or seen anyone put artwork under the rim before, I don’t think there’s a place to add it properly either.

yea thats what i thought too… thanks for answering!

order art from tek innovations. he cuts the rim art and button art then you just use what you want.

rim art? how do i add the rim art? do i place it under the button while i snap on the button?

Yeah I’d like an answer how to add rim art too, I just inspected my button and the rim is solid plastic. No way to put art in or under the rim lol.
The rim that tek innovations cuts out is the difference between the art for the button plunger and the hole to stick the button through, it’s not art for the rim.

The body is solid

i guess, technically, its still rim art haha. not sure how you would get it in there though (and you are probably right about it not being useful now that i look again)… maybe pinch the sides in and wiggle it on? or you could exacto one half so it can twist into an S shape then just loop it around and ad a dot of glue or tape.

All the answers here are just confusing everyone.

Technically, the “rim art” is just the part of the main top panel art that gets covered by the rim. The bit that has no art under it is the part of the body that fits into the hole. The only way to add art there is to stick the art under the whole button.