Sanwa Long Shaft JoyStick?

I have pretty big hands and I was wondering if there’s a Sanwa Joystick with a long shaft to accommodate my big hands?


There no Sanwa JLF joystick that comes with a longer shaft as stock, there are aftermarket parts that offer a longer shaft.
I believe Paradise Arcade Shop has a selection of parts

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oh my bad and thank you for the quick response.

since this thread has been created, has anyone done this for accommodating a wood panel and what were the results?

it’s out of stock… and I’m wondering if it would even work with my qanba q4. Also can an admin move this thread to another section? My fault I’m a noob to this forum. XD

Long shaft, for loving long time.

Q4 uses a JLF, so it should work.

You could also maybe try a Sanwa bat top. It makes the stick slightly taller than with a ball. Just a thought.

yeah I was thinking about using a bat top, however I think I’ll be able to move a ball top faster.