Sanwa LB-45 Ball Top with large hands

I started using a ball top arcade stick only a few years ago, but was never really comfortable with the standard ball top. I tried the bat top and found it to be even worse. A few days ago I realized I had a larger option. I’m 6’5" with somewhat large hands and decided to try this out. So far I like it a lot better. To anyone with large hands I would definitely recommend trying a larger ball top.

Hand Size:

Open Hand:


Half Closed:


Fully Closed:



Depending on your joystick, you want to put in a stronger spring in there to adjust for the heaver ball top.

I actually put a 2LB spring in there shortly before I got the ball top. It’s working very well. I’ve considered if I wanted an even stronger spring, but I think it will become a diminishing returns situation; as my wrist would tire out.

2lbs is plenty

JLF with 2 lb spring is sex.
The default spring is fine if you want instant fast reactions, but is far too sloppy unless you’re a young skinny kid with weak arms.
2lb spring will feel weird at first for anyone used to the 0.9lb stock, and may feel like it’s too heavy, but give it some time and let the spring break in, and you’ll be happy you did.

I’m no expert as I’m a bat-top user, but a couple of years ago, I met a guy a local tournament who put in one of those 45mm balltops on his TE, but he was an average-sized guy (roughly 5’ 7-8"?).
I got to try out the stick, and it definitely was interesting, and felt extremely comfortable with a wineglass-style grip, even for my small-ish hands (I’m 5’ 6").

45mm ball top + JLW-UM or TM = Banana-hands-Umehara