Sanwa Joystick Question

I have a HRAP (the original one) and recently the buttons shat on me, so I bought 8 “OBSN-30 Pushbutton with Vertical Microswitch” buttons, and those work perfectly, although they are insanely sensitive. I also cut all of the connectors, and saudered each of them on, which also helped tremendously.

After reading a lot on other threads, I learned that the HRAP I bought comes with a Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y-SK joystick.

I feel like it was necessary to replace my Hori buttons, but does anyone recommend me swapping my original Sanwa joystick? Or does the majority of people keep it as it is? Is there a really popular joystick that I should get?

The reason I ask is because I feel like the joystick is a bit too loose. I played in some arcades in Japan, and I know they also use Sanwa, but I was unaware of which model (I couldn’t figure out how to ask that).

Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot guys!

The stock Sanwa stick is the most popular and widely used stick in Japanese arcades. But swapping it out for a Seimitsu LS-32-01 is a common, and mostly easy swap if you want a different stick in there. In the Essential thread there should be a link to another thread detailing how to go about this mod.

If you feel the stock stick is starting to wear out, You can replace it. The stick should last a good bit longer than the buttons ( especially the HORI buttons)

I replaced the buttons on my HRAP and still haven’t bothered with the stick because it still plays great

Gotcha. Thanks a lot!

If you feel that the stick is too loose,take the stick apart and stretch the spring. When you put it back together it’ll feel stiffer