Sanwa JLF with levered microswitches?

After sticking with the LS-32 for quite some time now, I really started to miss the JLF’s smooth pivot, compact design, quality construction, and ease of movement. So recently, I bought a JLF to try out again and compare the two joysticks. Now, I love the JLF based on what I just mentioned, but I eventually ran into the same problem I had with it when I first picked it up; the non-levered microswitches (imo) don’t feel as precise or give that tactile feel I love with my LS-32.

Everything about the LS-32 is great, but at times I find the tension to just be a little too much when using certain characters and the movement/pivot of it a little…subpar when compared to the JLF’s. Also, the larger gate tends to get on my nerves when using 360-720 motions as it makes hand movements more pronounced.

So my question is, are there any levered microswitches that can be used on the JLF’s PCB? I thought I remembered seeing someone mod theirs with the microswitches that come with the LS-56, but I can’t seem to find it at the moment. If it can be done, would the JLF keep it’s other characteristics or would it basically feel like a completely different stick?

I’ve been looking into making these.

You could use JLW levered switches, but the levers need to be cut to allow them to fit. I’ve been looking for an alternative switch with a tougher spring as well. Ideally, I’d like to use Sanwa switches, however after modding a JLF with Yenox (very cheap alternative to Happ switches) I was pleasantly surprised with the feel. They’d be much too stiff for buttons, but feel GREAT for sticks.

I’ll post up with my observations and some pictures when I try the mod.

Depending on what combination of spring tension and switch toughness, it’d vary from subtly different to very different. The active engage zone would feel much smaller and tighter, similar to an LS-55/56 if i had to guess. Medium-hard spring would make it feel like very much like a JLF/55 hybrid.

Edit: Oh ya, if I had to guess, I’d say you’d have to mod the Actuator to work with levered switches, current one will be too large to allow the switches to disengage.

I did a fast lever mod on one of my JLFs. Instead of modding the actuator I pared down the actual micro-switches. If you don’t, the switches won’t disengage. I’d estimate I shaved each one down a little less than 1 millimeter. I’ll post pictures later.

Unfortunately, by adding levers, you pretty much are locked into a square gate-- which isn’t necessarily a big issue since maybe 85%+ of ppl are using sq’s anyway. This is because the levered shape (square) imposes into the wider octo and circle gates (which I make based on Octos). It would require an entirely custom-made smaller version of either gate to work. I’ll look into making one, but I’m not sure I can pull it off.

As far as performance, some observations:

Engage distance feels very similar to LS-55 to me, but maintains the ‘softer’ JLF feel. This is probably due to the spring tension I have set up with it. Obviously corners are very easy to find, as its a square gate. Double tapping directions is much easier and consistent. I suppose I’d recommend this to people who are confident with their execution precision and want to now move on to a stick setup that allows for faster movements w/o sacrificing the feel and reliability of a JLF.

Interesting. I’d like to try that mod out sometime, as I exclusively use a square gate so it wouldn’t matter to me in the slightest. That ‘soft’ and smooth feel of the JLF was what I wanted to keep intact.

Also, here’s the link I was referring to in my OP:

Perhaps if you’re up to it, you could try it out as he stated it’s a quick and easy mod. However, I’m not exactly sure which microswitches were used in that picture, as he said they were in fact NOT LS-56 switches.

this is a very interesting topic, subscribed.


this thing that ecxangief showed me is very interesting

i dont really want to be a guniea pig for that tho altho someone may have to.

i too like the long spring on ls32 in contrast to jlf’s and i notice the build quality immediately. i still like the ls32 better and i’m probably a seimitsu whore as well

I’d also like to know where to buy a variety of microswitches at a decent price, I’m about to put my fist through my monitor. I KNOW that there’s a decent online store to buy microswitches I just haven’t found it yet.