Sanwa JLF Wire Harness - Colourblind!

I have today received my bits: Sanwa JLF with wire harness and the buttons.

The problem is that I am colourblind so I need to work left to right in numbers with regard to the wire harness rather than by colours.

There are 5 wires, I can make out the black cable which I know is ‘Ground’ on a Sanwa however, I cannot make out the colours of the other 4 remaining cables.

This is a bit embarassing but can someone tell me the order for the jotstick directions ‘Up’ ‘Down’ ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ please?

I know that there is a Green, Yellow, Orange and Red cable but I cannot decipher which is which. Headache !!

Also is Green for up, Yellow for Down ??? I am confused.

For example and to help myself:

If Black is on the far right of where the cables leave the harness connector i.e. number 5 cable, what is the order of the others?

Let’s say from the far right of the harness:

Black = Ground = Number 5 Cable

What is 4, 3, 2 and 1 in terms of up, down , left and right ?? Feel free to complete the following table:

??? = ??? = Number 4 Cable
??? = ??? = Number 3 Cable
??? = ??? = Number 2 Cable
??? = ??? = Number 1 Cable

Thak you all in advance for your help.

It depends on how you mount the stick, probably the best way is to follow the traces on the PCB.

Just remember when you move the joystick RIGHT it will be hitting the microswitch on the left of the PCB, DOWN is the top microswitch etc.

i dont think the color really matters with this diagram. as long as you can make out the letters next to the direction you can tell which wire goes where.

Use a multimeter to check which wire is connected to which microswitch.

I too had to deal with this as I am Colorblind. I had my roommate tell me which color was which. Easiest thing to do is just ask some one what color they are, then put a piece of tape on it and write the color to remember which is which.