Sanwa JLF vs Older KOF Games


I wonder if there are people having (or have had some time ago) hard time performing SDM in KOF games, specially from 98 till 03. I mean in japanese standard style (square gate).

I know there is other options like Seimitsu sticks, but JLF became so popular and i’m thinking if it’s possible to play great KOF’98 on it. I noticed how short is the diagonals on JLF, is great for hadoukens and DP but i think it could be difficult to engage all directions QCF + HCB accurately to perform SDM on KOF.

I’ll be glad to see other people sharing the same experience or suggestions.

What joystick you prefer is purely down to personal preference.

I’ve never had any issues playing KOF with a JLF (aside from generally being rubbish at the game), though other people I know prefer to use the original Neo Geo stick or a Seimitsu variant.

In short, try out some other joysticks and find the right one for you.

i am a long time kof player and the jlf suits me perfectly fine, i have absolutely no probs in pulling off sdms

You have to remember that in the arcades, square gates are the standard, even for KoF (yes, even if the cabs were using LS-32s).

So long story short, don’t blame the hardware, blame your execution / game performance.

dark, well you don;t have to be that harsh on him…lol

If you really dun like the square gate, then just switch it to octo then

How is that harsh? He is trying to make clear the area OP needs to focus on when he is on KOF grind time.

Best, fast and usefull quote ever, cleared up my mind, so glad you here.

I think octo may increase circular motion accuracy but decrease the gameplay performance (speed, dashes) once JLF throw is too far with octo.

Giving myself some practice now, thanks.

sorry, my bad