Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y and xbox 360 controller

can somebody please tell me how( if possible) i can connect a sanwa JLF-TP-8Y to the xbox 360 pcb. and post a diagram or link of to some instructions

sorry if somebody already asked this but i cant use the search for some reason

i am geting a thing that says i have to wait 30sec everytime ( even after i wait)

Btw im new so HELLO EVERYBODY!
i would also check out the pad hacking thread

no no no i was talking about how do i connect the sanwa because doesnt it use a plug not micro switches?

I’ve been doing a bit of research myself because I was thinking about modding a stick for a 360, but anyways this guy on VFDC made a thread about it, I think you gotta file some stuff off the sanwa pcb and solder wires to it.

forget it im geting a happ then its a hell of alot easier

honnestly i prefer the sanwa but its 2 damn comlicated…

You have to solder it on there… The same thing would apply if you had a Sanwa JLW or Seimitsu LS-32-01. You’d have to solder it on. It’s probably more work with the ones with individual microswitches cause you gotta do each one plus a 4 grounds. As opposed to 1 ground and one for each switch, all in one location.

the joystick i am talking about uses a wire harness and its 5 wires and requires moding to work with a xbox360 pcb

get the toodles 360 helper pcb if you want to use a 5pin connector on a non common ground 360 pcb.

You can still use a Japanese stick, like the JLW or the LS 32 (not the LS32-01)

Don’t listen to me if you’re actually doing this, but wouldn’t it be possible to wire the 4 grounds to the single ground on the JLF harness? What would happen? I haven’t really seen an up-close version of the Xbox 360 PCB. This is probably a huge electrical hazard or something…

Solder to the microswitches themselves and cut the traces on the sanwa stick PCB thats between the switches and the gate. Also check this page where it says “controller mods” for more info on xbox 360 pad hacks.

ive already got it im geting a happ comp style stick =)

btw im making my first stick right now does anybody have an suggestions for box size? and how to get a decal on the top for wood surface

with the xbox360 pcb it will work on my computer right? lol

YOu can pull the PCB out of the JLF and put in cherry switches in it’s place if it’s that complicated.

im using sanwa micro switch buttons and a comp happ stick with a xbox360 pcb and wtf is a JLF

i can do the wood work for the box i am taking woods class (FREE WOOD!!!) i just need some measurements

Its nice if the artwork area of the stick is smaller than 8.5 x 11 because you can print the art on regular photopaper. If you are using 3/4" (one-by) material that would make your outside dimensions something like: 9 x 12.

For anyone else with this question out there.:

If you use the Sanwa JLF joystick it has an option wire harness, you plug one end into the JLF and the other end of the wires you need to solder onto your Xbox360 PCB

The xbox 360 PCB uses a USB cable and can plug right into your computer.

IF, and its a big if, IF the xbox360 pad uses a common ground, you can solder the JLF harness right to it, easy as can be. Finding a common ground xbox360 pad is the hard part, but we’re keeping tabs on as many as we can in the padhacking thread.

If you can’t find one, it can still be done. Either by modifying the switch board to separate the switches as mentioned, replacing the switch board with four separate microswitches as Taiki mentioned, or by using an interface of some sort like akuma001 linked to (Thanks BTW).
Find a common ground board if you can.
Go with a JLW if you can’t.
If you can’t get with a JLW, and you don’t mind spending the money for the little interface board, order the board from me and you wont have to modify the JLF.
If you don’t want to spend the money for the interface board, then replace the microswitch board with 4 regular microswitches.
If you are too cheap to buy the $2 in microswitches, the dremel the switch board.
If you can’t do any of those, you’re SOL.

my box is going to be a 8 Length by 10 width by 3 hight that sound about right for a box?

the new xbox360 controllers use common ground and i need a guide for wiring that kind of controller because alls i can find is the wiring guide for the older style

for art work i put the picture on the wood and something to protect if if i want? just checking

OMG! cool image =)
check it out its very nice may be on my stick

The new 360 controllers use common ground? How can you be sure. Pics or it didn’t happen.

Unless you’re talking about one of the already established third party 360 common ground controllers.

nope the xbox360 controllers are now released as a common ground

the common ground controller says Microsoft in the bottom middle of the topside of the controller
the older one has it offset to the right

just a question is it wired the same if it is common ground?

Just get a Sanwa JLW. It has microswitches, just like wiring a happ.

ive already desided on what i am getting