Sanwa JLF-TM-8T-SK Joystick or Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK Joystick?

I was just wondeing as I have now modded both my TE sticks with buttons and custom art, if I should try the microswitch instead of the PCB?? I have heard that the microswitch has better responce. If so does anyone know what kind of wiring harness would I have to use instead and if this would be to much work in the long run switching wires over?? Any help would be much appreciated thanks


Uh. Microswitches are on both. I believe the only difference is that one has the 5 point pinout for a harness. The other does not. Are you thinking about a micrswitch mod that you actually replace only the switches?

Sorry I must have gotten some wrong info then. I was told that the one uses microswitches and othe other dosent?? I guess it is just a connector difference now after looking at it.

No prob. Some people mod theirs with a cherry switch. Perhaps that is the mod you are thinking of?

do this… get better response from your switches… first two min is all you need to do… the rest is extra… and a pain in the ass with the replacement of the tape IMO… you dont need to spend more money buying another joystick… this will cost you a whole 10 min and a piece of post it paper…

I would suggest that you order a Toodles Spark and a LS-55 spring. It is a optical switch upgrade kit. You should look in this thread for more info.

Thanks for the info guys I will look into these options