Sanwa JLF sticking towards a position?

When I hold db on my stick it will keep going through each the back input or flicker the input between the two on my stick. it also does the same on df to forward but nowhere near the amount of the other direction.

The stick has an octo gate and has been working for fine for almost 5 months now.

I’m not sure how I should go about fixing it, or will I have to buy a brand new stick? I’ve ruled out the PCB already because this is a PS3/360 stick I got from arcade in a box. and it has the same exact problem on both consoles.

Any sort of help will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

Anyone got any tips?

Clean out your ‘down’ microswitch, that is where I would start.

I don’t have any tips for you man. Sorry. But I wanted to let you know I get this shit on my MadCatz SE stick too. Makes it really hard to play with Balrog since I’m trying to block and charge, but it will only do one or the other sometimes. If this happens on the JLF too, then…fuck. I bought one off LL thinking it would solve this problem. Although 5 months seems like a long time. Do JLFs “go bad” (from wear and tear) after around 6 months? I mean, assuming you play say 10+ hours a week maybe even day on it, doing the math that sounds like a lot of stick movement.

BUT I don’t know, I’m still a n00b to all this.


You can clean out a microswitch?? How would you go about doing this? interested

To the OP, you should talk to Ed over at Arcade-in-a-Box about this issue, I’m sure he’d be happy to help you resolve this issue, likely even at no additional cost, since he backs his products.

Well I opened it and had SF4 training mode running with input data on. I got some dust spray. I removed the resistor plastic plate. and then was able to take out the microswitches. there was some “grease” underneath this on the PCB I cleaned that off, reapplied the switches after cleaning and did the octogate. And used the dust cleaner spray on the whole thing. including all pcb’s.

the 4 cardinal directions are working fine. it’s just those two that are giving me problems.

Thats great but I would rather not bother him with this unless I absolutely have to. The man has a family to feed!

I googled how to open microswitches andsomehow got to this vid [media=youtube]QytcbzZmXaI&feature=related[/media] did what you said by cleaning it out everything is working great.

Thanks for your help!

before taking everything apart try grabbing some contact cleaner spray (the kind that evaporates in seconds) and drench the SOBs see if that works

It could be a bad PCB on the JLF stick. Best way to test might sound a little ghetto but here goes :).

Open up the stick and go into training mode in SFIV and turn on Commands so you can see what it’s doing. Then grab a paper clip and put one end on a ground (any ground) and hold the other end on the contact for down. In this case it is probably a harness and depending on which way the stick was mounted (we didn’t do it standard then) will determine which is down.

Anyway, on the PS3 board touch the paperclip to the top of the screw head that is holding down the wire, with the other end on a ground. You may need to play around to find out which is down. This will complete the connection for down but bypass the joystick.

As always, you can get it back to us for repair.

Thanks Ed! it looks like everything is fixed as of right now though. If the problem arises again I’ll let you know.

Yay! I’m glad it worked out for you. I had a similar problem with an LS-33.

The Sanwa JLF was originally designed for constant use in an arcade such as this one.

It will take you a long time to wear it out and in the event you do, you can purchase all the parts separately. A new spring and pcb switch assembly and it will be like new again.

I’m certain those pictured are mostly Seimitsu. :rofl: