Sanwa JLF - Qanba's JLF Clone comparison photo

since I replace my joystick, I guess I made a nice comparison photos for references

seems like Qanba’s spring is more compressed when assembled due to bigger distance from the pivot bowl and spring (thicker plastic base than sanwa?) maybe that’s why it feels harder
the only problem I have with it is Qanba becomes squeaky maybe since they don’t use delrin or teflon for the pivot part, instead they use lightly structured plastic, lightly structured so it has less contact surface, and so the grease can rest in between.

Thank you for taking the time to do this analysis!

Thank you! I was wondering what the internals looked like. This saved me some time and $$$$!!!

This is (almost) the same joystick that is in the Injustice Stick.
The Injustice Qanba stick as a space in the base to allow for a LED PCB to fit, and it comes with a bat top.

The Qanba joystick is compatible with Sanwa parts. But their shafts are not the same, so you got to swamp the Qanba shaft with a Sanwa one for the pivot, spring cover and actuator to fit correctly.
See the Injustice thread for more details

I think, the only shortcut it has is that pivot, if they use better material there, then it would be great. I actually like it’s neat enclosed look

I already modded 1 Qanba joystick with Sanwa and aftermarket parts.

A Sanwa shaft, spring cover, pivot, e-clip, metal washer and a PAS red anodized Actuator and the PAS 2lbs spring and the Stick felt much better.
You can get away swapping all the parts besides the base for all Sanwa parts.

Qanba is launching the new light up sticks that’s why there is that space. They will be available in few weeks. We are going to carry them end of July beginning of August