Sanwa buttons really worth it?

I’ve got the Hori Real Arcade Pro EX for the Xbox 360. I’ve been reading alot about swapping out the Hori buttons for Sanwa buttons.

Is it really that much of a difference? I hear that the Hori buttons are inferior and less responsive than the Sanwas. I wouldn’t know the difference, they seem to work ok for me. . but I have no point of reference.

Any insight greatly appreciated.


They’re much better than Hori buttons but whether or not they’re ~$25 better would vary from person to person I guess.

If you want the best of the best, then they’re worth it.

shit’s sensitive. I’d say go with Seimitsu, but then again, it’s all preference.

are m&m dark chocolate peanut worth it? personally i love them.
jk. but it really is about preference. sanwas are excellent, but if hori works for you then it works for you. unless you have a friend with sanwas so you can feel them, the only way to really know if a certain product is for you is to take the plunge (aka spend money). im currently into crown buttons, which doesn’t really fit in most retail cases and kind of renders this sentence useless. i first started out thinkin i would be a happ lover. although i can deal with happ buttons (and the right microswitches), i don’t think i can ever go back to using a happ stick. but anyways, if theyre working for you, stick with them. if they start to suck later down the line, then spend money on switching them. aint much more insight you can get than what you already know.

The stock buttons on my Arcana Heart 2 Hrap were nice IMO. I might have kept them if the colors did not suck, and it was 6-button layout.

I think the hori buttons would serve ya well for a while, but if you don’t mind taking the time to mod it, why not go for the best?

Hopefully your HRAP will have the QDs on wires making it easy to swap thme out for sanwas. Mine was the dreaded buttons-soldered-to-PCB w/steel tabs on the button holes.

Crazy stuff. Had to learn how to desolder a connection, operate a dremel to grind off the button hole tabs, and then resolder the wiring. Was a neat experience in the end & kept me occupied, but a lot of work involved.

Yes, HRAP Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2 has soldered Buttons.
But it is beautiful art.

bushinfist has HRAP EX, it use Quick Disconnect on Buttons.
So it is cool for him to test out Sanwa.

Not all Hori buttons are made equally. The ones on the FS3 and the HRAP seem to be ok. I would still put them in a high class compared to happ or il buttons.

The buttons in the Tekken stick are not nearly as good, but still decent.

Personally I feel that it doesn’t make a lot of difference to me between the buttons on my FS3 and Sanwa buttons. The joystick is what I care about.

Already modded it. The most work i’ve EVER done on a stick. And i’ll be ditching the AH2 artwork as soon as i can easily afford it :wink:

I kinda hated to chuck out the Horis after my AH2 HRAP2 mod. They really were nice stock buttons. Didn’t think i could sell them on here also, so in the garbage they went.

However i kept the stock Hori start/select buttons, as they do their jobs nicely.

True Grave, just out of curiosity, how much did you pay for your Arcana Heart stick? Because when I was searching for an HRAP before, the only vendor I could find with it in stock listed it for like $250.

And to stay on topic, Sanwa buttons are definitely worth it for the price, but it’s no hurry. Having played on both Sanwa and Hori buttons extensively, I can honestly say that my preference for Sanwa buttons is only for comfort. Horis do the job just fine, unless you’re suuper gentle with your button presses.

Amazon has the Arcana Heart 2 stick for $79.99 + shipping. I bought it last month for a friend. That’s the cheapest I’ve seen brand new. Hope it helps. :bgrin:

The stock buttons are mushy on the FS3if that makes any sense. I have to really smack the damn buttons to get that satisfying “tap” I like. I’m not sure how it feels on a HRAP EX, but I imagine it’s similar.

Sanwas seem to move morefreely, perhaps? They move so free that a light touch activates them. I’d say it’s worth the upgrade.

Hori buttons are fairly decent stock buttons, definitely better than Madcatz buttons. Sanwas are definitely better, but you don’t need be in a rush to upgrade your buttons unless you are getting more serious about fighting games or you have the extra money to burn. Hori buttons are just fine.

I am really starting to like Sanwa buttons but was a long time Seimitsu user. I just miss the clicking sound from the Seimitsu’s.

The stock buttons I had on my HRAP3 felt like incomplete Seimitsu buttons. They’re resistive but too resistive and mushy. They’re decent buttons and play very well. I replaced them with Seimitsus as a newbie because people kept saying they were “better”. I had an extremely hard time adjusting to it as Seimitsu added extra resistance and height.

In the end, it’s all preference so try them and go with one that plays well.

Irony all around!

I’ve been using Sanwa for the past year, but after getting the SE I think I prefer Seimitsu buttons.

I do prefer the LS to the JLF to the point I am going to do the spring mod.

Only real way is to spend time using both.

I love my sanwa buttons that I replaced from stock Hori from the Tekken 6 stick.

But yeah…if I glide my finger across, it reads input. So it’s SENSITIVE. But I like it that way.

They are awesome buttons, can’t go wrong.

I find Sanwa buttons too sensitive as well (I rest my fingers on the buttons rather then in air)
They are, however, very good and durable buttons with a decent feel. If you like sensitive, go with Sanwa, if you prefer a bit less sensitive, go with Seimitsu.
Hori buttons are OK at first but they tend to give out sooner then both Sanwa and Seimitsu.

i personally like sanwa, seimitsu and hori buttons

Sanwa- you can give a good beating on them and it’s a super smooth feeling when you hit the buttons BUT way too sensitive

Hori- i think are like seimitsu buttons but the plunger seems more wobbly they still have a really nice feel to em when being pressed

Seimitsu- is like a hori and sanwa button mixed up into one plunger isnt wobbly, you can rest your fingers on them, they’re snug like a sanwa button

but it’s all up to preference!

hrap3 and i changed them. only after they started getting stuck.