Sanwa Bat Tops and Circular Gate

Anyone know where the best place is to get a sanwa bat top for cheap, for a JLF? Also, are there any custom bat tops made for the JLF like how has a bunch of customs bat tops for happ sticks. And finally, has anybody attempted to put a circular restrictor on a JLF, by either cutting down a squate gate or retrofitting someting else? I’d love to try a circular gate on a sanwa, without having to buy a sanwa JLW plus circle gate, as I don’t know if the JLW is gonna feel as good as the JLF.

pony boy–he sells both sanwa battops and oct. gates for 3.50 plus ship (you can find him on trading outlet). no circular gate.slikstik might have a custom battop, or you could have someone drill and tap a battop for you out of metal. It’ll cost you a pretty penny though. It’ll be a pain to use as well (very top heavy stick…)