Sanwa and Seimitsu "S" Mounting Plates

Hey guys i was wondering with these “S” mounting plates is it possible to turn them upside down and mount to your stick. and if this would give correct mounting depth.
To clarify lets assume this mounting plate is rightside up.
I just want to know if you can turn these upside down and mount to your joystick and then mount to a panel and if that would also achieve correct mounting depth.

I really dont know to much about these types of mounting plates and am going to be ordering one myself and just wanted to know if anyone knew that answer.

The countersinks for the holes that bolt the joystick to the plate are on one side.

i know about that part my man but if it is upside down it means that part wont connect to the upper panel so it wont really matter. unless of course that prevents the screw from going all the way through to connect to the nut underneath

So i got the answer to my question by trying out the idea for myself and the answer is yes. I then also found the answer on slagcoin hahaha

Here is a pic of the sanwa s mounting plate upside down.

Here is a pic of the seimitsu s mounting plate upside down.

Both of thes stick were mounted to panels and were at the correct height so the answer to my question was a yes which is cool

As of now my panels do not support the seimitsu s mounting plate and instead you have to get an RE mounting plate but with this new discovery, i am thinking about including the two middle mount holes for the seimitsu s plate since it can easily be mounted directly to the panel and have correct mounting height

EDIT: Also wanted to say that to the person at Sanwa who thought it was a great idea to use those cheap ass screws that strip way too damn easy to secure the mounting plate to the jlf.
Bad words to you bad bad words to you >:(

That would be super-cool. Any chance of this making it onto the custom panel I have on order currently? Would save me having to get an RE plate for my Seimitsu LS-32. :slight_smile:

People do not know this.
But the reason the screws on JLF strip because it is Japanese Standard.
We in the United States are using ANSI Phillips head, while the screw in JLF is JIS.

You see the dimple? That denotes a JIS screw.

Here shows compare the drivers.

Here shows difference.

Be cool like me; get the right tool for the job.

^Luckily I have bits for both.

Very interesting. Also, The Librarian of Tech Talk coming through with a very good response, as per usual. I didn’t know about JIS before! If only I had known about this before I tried to remove those screws that one time…hahaha. ;_;

Seriously JDM714 I do not think you are human, I think you are some kind of super intelligent android sent from the future to guide us all in the right direction for our modding needs and not mention to provide us with super godlike wiring. :slight_smile:

Here is the funny part. The Phillips drive was purposely designed to cause the bit to slip out, to prevent automated screwdrivers from over-torquing and damaging the threads. If you ever curse yourself when you tighten down a Phillips screw and you strip the head a little, curse the design instead of yourself. You don’t ever cam out on a hex bolt do you?

JIS cross-slot was purposely designed not to cam out like Phillips.

Do you know which JIS size is meant to be used for the JLF screws?

JDM is knowing. Therefore, JDM is half the battle.