sanwa account??

I was wondering if anyone here might know how to go about getting an account direct with sanwa. There is an arcade that opened up recently in my area and they’re working on getting newer games and what not, and we dont want to end up with happ parts in all the machines.
any info would be helpful.

Maybe ask Per(TheRealNeoGeo) of, he orders all of his parts direct from the manufacturers. However, no idea how much you’ll need, and if it’ll be enough to outfit an entire arcade. If not, then just get your parts from, it’s the closest you’ll get to ordering directly from Sanwa :wink:

LizardLick & FocusAttack also stock Sanwa.

I think the guy is inquiring about how to get a wholesale contract/discount. Places like LizardLick and FocusAttack are very unlikely to offer this.

It is possible to speak with Sanwa and Seimitsu directly as the person who set up a while back was able to do so, and he was working entirely on his own. Such a hero…

Sanwa Parts including joysticks and buttons

Those guys seem to sell sanwa (not seimitsu) parts for pretty cheap in large orders but I recommend contacting Sanwa/Seimitsu directly depending on the size of your orders.

most likely you need to have a contact in japan.