Santa hats for everyone

post here and i (or someone else) will hastily photoshop a santa hat onto your avatar.

if you want an entirely new avatar (with a santa hat) that’s ok too.

merry christmas

Do mine :expressionless:

took a couple of iterations. i like these the most:

Woo I’m now ready for the festive celebrations

Need a hat for my cold head. Maybe some ornaments for my beard too.

ornaments would be tricky to do, don’t think i could add those and be happy with the result

I’ll take one!


that white pixel in the top left corner bothered me so i edited it out

thank ur op

I’m just curious, frankly.

S-tier thread, by the way.

Santa-tar please thanx

If you can help, my head feels barren.

Let’s see what you can do OP.

Full resolution

Me next, though I wonder how it’ll turn out since the top of the head is cut off.

@Raz0r‌ This is 100x better than your current av

i quite like how the santa hat goes beyond the borders here. if it doesn’t process correctly or gets those rough border artifacts when you upload it lemme know and i’ll go over it again

i hate to reuse assets so soon but this hat just seemed like a good fit (ugh that pun)

but here are a couple other hats.

hastily photoshopped santa hat

hand traced. didn’t seem right to just throw a hat onto this picture

i’ll be a while until i get to the next batch, going to the arcade


sup, SleazyE. you still using that stick?

Is it possible to put 3 tiny santa hats on my av