Santa ana camerons place CA

626 South Harbor Boulevard, Santa Ana, CA 92704
Tel: (714) 775-7764

alright this saturday jan 28 2006 tourney starts around idk 3 ish signups at like idk round 1ish mayb 2ish i been bord and thought i could do this haha

games: mvc2 and cvs2

rules:cvs2- no evil characters like evil ryu and evil iori and shit
mvc2-no glitches to prevent gameplay

tourney fee - 3 bucks most likely winner take all ill put any info wanted just ask and ill post

howd it go?

What the!!! Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!! I missed that shit. I went to Camelot instead :frowning: Was it good?


man u guys missd out riverside guys came even sum norcal players were they for sum gay ass reason

nah im j/p we cancelled it lol

cancelled? bullshit i bet you forgot about your own tourney

nope we ended up cancelling it cuz at the time i had no comp to post it haa i was at daniels his comp crashd and no way to post and i wasnt gonna go bak hom ehahaha hey minh member FFA??? LMAO!! good ass night shit was funny…“hey we still kool???” LMAO!!!

hey. i dont forget. heil hitla.

when’s the next one?? i might just skip PSM just to go to Santa Ana. O btw Ryu im coming for you… :stuck_out_tongue:

Own me in Marvel, so I can totally own you in Cvs2 :stuck_out_tongue: Jk I am looking forward to play you in any game. Obviously Cvs2 is what I play better, so you will have a hard time to beat this stubborn Mexican :stuck_out_tongue: I want to own your K-groove with my infinite Rocket launcher hahahaha Leon owns you!! Remember that hahaha

Btw, I read your signature thing,

I hate you too!!!

RYu :smiley:

lol don’t worry i’ll swing by Orange County soon enough :wgrin:

alright if you guys r willing to come to this just lemme know when you all are available so i can make a good time and date for you guys

kew kew, where exactly is this arcade at?? is it in the heart of Santa Ana Downtown cuz i used to live in Anaheim and Camelot was the only Aracade near me.

Edit* NVM I saw the fist post :stuck_out_tongue: Stupid me…