Sanjaya av request

Can someone make this into a av with like stars and glitter and crap on it? Kthx.

no offense, Zulu, but i lol’ed.

that’s just too homo erotic for me. wow. just…wow.

haha phuck that fool…they sent his ass home lol

I gotta rep the gay.

It’s something. I dunno how to make glitter and sparkles! Halp!


I Want one want too a sanja AV pls hook it up!!i would really appreciate it guys…thanks

You can request whatever you want dude. Just make a new thread with what you want in your AV. As long as it’s not overboard, somebody’ll prolly make you one. I saw you post in JQ’s thread. The best way to get what you want is to make a thread ‘requesting’ what you want. There’s no need to ‘bandwagon’ other people’s AV’s just because they get created. But if you really wanna Sanja Sanja something Naranja, then someone’ll prolly make one for you. Just a heads up dude!