Sanford takes it

Ustream blacked out during some of the marvel matches so they had problems saving the matches in archive for people to watch. The stream got saved and put up onto youtube for anyone who wants to see the fight.

Wong vs Sanford. Sanford sent Wong into losers. Then Wong took the first set to reset to bracket and Sanford won the second. Went down almost exactly like SF4.

Congratulation to Sanford for finally taking it down and getting this monkey off his back!


its about time he got his crown.
one of the best mvc2 players alive that almost got forgotten.
i can see him now, the next time i go to cf, he’ll be shaking alot of unknown hands.
good shit sanford…you deserve it.

Dude was really good, glad he got. One of if not the best MVC2 player easy, good job. :tup:

i dont know about him having the best commando, but storm and sentinel are truly his characters.
they belong to no other.
it seems like his cable has taken the trophy as well.
does storm/sentinel/cable have a name?

I was watching the stream with few friends who don’t even play Marvel and we all were just excited that he won it. It was fantastic.

I think Yipes has the best Magneto, Justin has the best Storm and Sanford has the best Sentinel. I believe Storm/Sent/Cable is SSC or Team Cody.

thanks for answering my question, but i have to disagree with the above statement.

Congreatulations to Sanford!!
I agree with the guy in some posts above:

Justin - Storm
Yipes - Magneto
Sanford - Sentinel.

But at this moment in MvC2, Sanford is better overall and hes becoming a great SFIV player too…

sanford deserves this win. finally