San Fran turns into Gotham City for a day, while Batkid saves it through Make-A-Wish

Beats cancer, becomes a Superhero.


^ Kid’s a badass.

^ Lambo for the Bat mobile. :rofl:

Heh thats pretty awesome :tup:

Caught that on Facebook earlier. Warm. Fuzzy. Feels.

What an awesome story. It’s cool to see the whole city get behind a good cause. Bet that kid felt like a superstar that day.

Working link

A news headline that wasn’t grotesque, cynical or sensationalist. I didn’t know they made those any more. This kid will remember this for life and not forget to extend the same love to other people in need :tup:

This is Waka! Flocka!

The Gotham City Chronicle article was done by Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

also perry white’s somewhere in the paper too. i love the pic of him and his lil brother dressed up as robin…too cute.

I’m disappointed that there isn’t a Vicki Vale article on it.

Awesome story, and this other awesome story was at the bottom of the page past all the horrible comments.

Yeah heard about this from a girl I know, I really do love when stuff like this happens for these kids. These stories heat up the otherwise black piece of coal I have of a heart. Really cool.

When I grow up I want to be BatKid

Always glad to see things like this get persistent headlines over all the daily bullshit in the world. Had I lived on the WC, I would have have loved to go out and support the kid. Rock on SF, good show.

positive news, thats rare indeed