San Diego's Arcana Hearts Thread by yours truly

after intensely waiting for either T6 or SFIV at Mission Valley Tilt…


Big ups to Markman for the news!

me and cody versus any of yall… bet that shit!!!:mad:

I confirmed the machine earlier today.

It is Arcana Hearts 2.

English version.

Two Sega Net City Panels. Sanwa stick/buttons.

The right button setup too! wtf.

I don’t expect it to be in SD long unless ppl play it.

im down to go play. when? tomorrow (friday)?

good shit markman, does anone have the address, so I cna add it to the Arcana Heart 2 thread *first post has known locations.)

Also, if someone took some photos that would be pretty cool too.

Enjoy guys, considering theres less than 6 known machines in America right now lol, and you have the 2nd confirmed English version in the wild.

too bad i have no idea how to play this game :frowning:

i believe Markman took pictures and will be up soon on SDTEKKEN.COM

Yeah, its right here…

Thanks to SDTekken for the article, they get a fair amount of traffic, so their exposure is a good thing.

You mofos better go play considering you have TWO!!! machines!!! wtf

Oh yeah, the name of the game is Arcana Heart 2 :looney: so fix that thread title :stuck_out_tongue:

If you guys have any questions wed be more than happy to help, check out the Arcana Heart 2 thread in Fighting Game Discussion.

Oh yea… pics and shit: !

Mission Valley Tilt
1640 Camino Del Rio North
San Diego, CA 92108
(619) 299-9807
$0.50 to start/continue

if anyone wants to seriously play i will meet up with them

i saw it there on wednesday. looked pretty new with nice clear screens. didnt post up cause i wasnt sure if s.d. played the game/cared.

good shit?

If this happened in June, I’d be all over that machine, but now… I dunno. They just had to get a machine AFTER I leave for the semester.

I don’t even play fighting games much anymore, but maybe I’ll get back into it. Maybe.

AWESOME another machine is now at Chula Vista Tilt
i think its just the other one at mission