San Diego - HD Remix Tournament - Jan 25, 2009

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (PS3)

When: January 25th, 2009 @ 1PM
Signups close 15 mins before start, BE ON TIME.

Games On
953 Garnet Ave
San Diego CA 92109

Entry Fee: $12 ($10 to the pot / $2 venue)

Payout: 1st 60% of pot, 2nd 30%, 3rd 10%

-Bring your own controller / stick / converter / usb cables.
-Matches: 2/3 (3/5 for Losers / Winners / Grand Finals)
-Rounds: 2/3
-All other Game & Dip Switch Settings: Default

sounds like fun, ill check it out!

oh damn sounds hot

I’m going to say this now.

If you go here and even if you don’t play… You’ll have a hell of a time looking at all the hot girls that walk around the Pacific Beach area.


Also if anyone wants to play on the Street Fighter IV sticks, I’ll bring them to this event.

anyone in LA area going to this? D:

i have moneyz

I’ll be there for sure since it’s a WAY better drive to San Diego than anywhere on the 91. I’ll be bringing my stick, my wife and my Honda (the character skills, not the car).

PS3 or 360?

Tournament will be on PS3.

I am in.

Don’t miss out! Hope to see you guys there…

See you guys next week!

I’m coming down Saturday. I need a place to stay. Nate, Mark, get to it!

I was just curious, how long does the tourney usually last on average?

Ill try to make it…

If we start at 1pm, I expect to finish by about 5pm.

I plan to have 3-4 PS3s present for the event.

As the tournament nears end, unused tvs will open up for casual play.

cool that means i can make it… see you on sunday.

Hope to see a lot of you there. I’ll try to do a live feed.


Tear this shit up. :rock:

Everyone show up!

I’ll be there.

We’re doing a live stream of the tournament, and it should be a little bit better than the stream we had last week.